Felix's Diary

(Written an hour before on my phone). I just had a blink and you’ll miss it PCE. Hard to write about it. Like the other experience I reported - I don’t know what it is or what the territory is.

I am blown away. Just 1-2 seconds, of total clarity, perfection freedom.

I had a stressful client call tonight, and I was absolutely shocked at myself. Nothing went wrong on the call, but emotionally, within, seeing just how INSECURE I am. Like crazy levels. And not just feeling insecurity but being insecurity.

Now I can see there is no crossover between the feeling being and the PCE

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It keeps happening. I cannot believe it lol. The veil keeps slipping.

I’m not trying to continue it when it does happen. If I’ve proven aaannnyyything it’s how trying hard gets you nowhere in this.

All I’m doing is being sincere. I have no method, no skill or strategy, and no clue what I’m doing.

But it keeps happening. So clear, so fun, so pristine. And then I go back to being a feeling being for a bit, forget it happened essentially; and then round the corner BAM.

Much more vivid and “in your face” than what I usually imagined of the PCE. Dynamic, vibrant, easeful, fun and even down to earth yet incredible exciting to experience