Combating the wisdom of the real world

Haha I think this is meant as some accolade but it makes me wonder about the nature of these ‘discoveries’.

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Wow! I was reading about the experiments of Thompson yesterday.

There are actual experiments. Cathode ray tubes. All of the initial experiments of Thompson pre-date quantum physics.

I’ve been reading a bit about “electron tunneling microscopy” because it was something I had discussed with Richard.

The principle of “electron tunneling” is used in CPUs, either to avoid it or to encourage it. As far as I can tell, atomic structures are actual.

Although we can’t directly “see” atoms, we can get really close with optical nanosphere microscopy. Down to 20nm. The average atom is between 0.5 and 1 nm. So, not that close, but closing in on molecules at least.

Oops I just realised this is in the wrong thread, should be combating the wisdom of the real world, but hey they are more or less the same thing :joy:

So funnily enough I’ve been contemplating all this stuff this morning and then I come across this article on Facebook about scientists being potentially wrong about the Big Bang because they just keep finding galaxies out there that are way more mature than they should be. So of course their approach is the below… They may require new particles and forces to account for this observation, I wonder who will ‘discover’ those :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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One massive sunk cost fallacy. :smile: @Kub933, do you want us to move these posts to the right thread?

ETA: Moved it. Happy real worlding :slight_smile:

It’s hilarious how superior, people with kids feel for having submitted to society’s demand for producing more minions :joy::joy:

The more I read, see n experience such, the more I realize that its more likely that the good is a bigger crippler and fooler than the bad

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Wow, I had never thought about it like that @Shashank

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I remember watching this scene in the matrix and thinking that is exactly how the ‘self’ feels. Repulsed by the physical, by the stench of that which is material, looking for an escape into some formless realm.

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Hugo Weaving is the best. The way he pronounces certain words is such a pleasure to listen to.

“immediately” = imedjiedley :rofl:

They really start ‘em young!

We all start young. Mimicking the opinions and attitudes of those around us.

We do for sure but it’s equally fascinating how much of who we are is already baked in. I love how kids, for example, need to win all the time. And they truly believe that they beat you no matter how impossible it would be for a grown adult to lose to a 4-10 year old.

Haha, I lose to my kids (ages between 6 and 12) all the time on things so it is definitely not impossible. :rofl: :man_facepalming:

Can’t have beauty without pathos…

"No piece of art has ever emotionally affected me the way this robot arm piece has. It’s programmed to try to contain the hydraulic fluid that’s constantly leaking out and required to keep itself running…if too much escapes, it will die so it’s desperately trying to pull it back to continue to fight for another day. Saddest part is they gave the robot the ability to do these ‘happy dances’ to spectators. When the project was first launched it danced around spending most of its time interacting with the crowd since it could quickly pull back the small spillage. Many years later… (as you see it now in the video) it looks tired and hopeless as there isn’t enough time to dance anymore… It now only has enough time to try to keep itself alive as the amount of leaked hydraulic fluid became unmanageable as the spill grew over time. Living its last days in a never-ending cycle between sustaining life and simultaneously bleeding out… (Figuratively and literally as its hydraulic fluid was purposefully made to look like it’s actual blood).
“The robot arm finally ran out of hydraulic fluid in 2019, slowly came to a halt and died - And I am now tearing up over a friggin robot arm :sob: It was programmed to live out this fate and no matter what it did or how hard it tried, there was no escaping it. Spectators watched as it slowly bled out until the day that it ceased to move forever. Saying that ‘this resonates’ doesn’t even do it justice imo. Created by Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, they named the piece, ‘Can’t Help Myself’. What a masterpiece. What a message.”
Extended interpretations: the hydraulic fluid in relation to how we kill ourselves both mentally and physically for money just in an attempt to sustain life, how the system is set up for us to fail on purpose to essentially enslave us and to steal the best years of our lives to play the game that the richest people of the world have designed. How this robs us of our happiness, passion and our inner peace. How we are slowly drowning with more responsibilities, with more expected of us, less rewarding pay-offs and less free time to enjoy ourselves with as the years go by. How there’s really no escaping the system and that we were destined at birth to follow a pretty specific path that was already laid out before us. How we can give and give and give and how easily we can be forgotten after we’ve gone… How we are loved and respected when we are valuable, then one day we aren’t any longer and we become a burden…and how our young, free-caring spirit gets stolen from us as we get churned out of the broken system that we are trapped inside of. Can also be seen to represent the human life cycle and the fact that none of us make it out of this world alive. But also can act as a reminder to allow yourself to heal, rest and love with all of your heart. That the endless chase for ‘more’ isn’t necessary in finding your own inner happiness.”

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video games?

Yes, they kill me on mario kart often now, but not limited to just that. They can beat me in some simple card games like snap or pairs, can beat me in swimming and running races now too.

Some warrior mentality to counter the peasant mentality:

Haha yeah I never thought to call it warrior mentality but that makes sense.

Since reading Richards latest article I have observed this peasant mentality and it’s so clear now, how everyone essentially lives in a worldview that has it that we are living under the umbrella of some ‘lord’, some ultimate authority. All of the real world values seem to originate from this kind of belief. Things like gratitude/resentment, humility/pride, suffering being good for one, working hard having some ultimate value… there is so many. It’s also interesting how the peasant mentality is essentially the same at core as the values which surround the religious system. Religion and god being the ultimate authority, ultimate big daddy which one sells out to.

It’s been fun watching almost all of the seasons of the walking dead. Because what happens in the show is like a microcosm of the development of humanity. From the hunter gatherer lifestyle all the way to living communally in progressively more complex systems. And I can see how this kind of thing would develop.

Humans be sandwiched between savage primitivism and civil domestication.

The ‘freedom’ / ‘security’ alternating dynamic