Combating the wisdom of the real world

Ok so every time I am scrolling the internet I am faced with various nuggets of ‘real world wisdom’ that have people spinning round in the tried and failed.

So I have decided to make this thread where these can be mercilessly exposed and more importantly harmlessly poked fun at :grin:

Starting with this little nugget found on my instagram feed

Any general news, stories, factoids, theories, studies etc that have you going “WTF” are also welcome here :smiley:

The audacity to ever make these sayings up!

Considering that 99% of people haven’t so much as read Jung, exactly what darkness is this moron talking about?

A lot of what happens in “darkness” ends up in court.

They may have well said, being evil ain’t so bad, sure people get really hurt, but you get powerful and strong!

Of course, one may have a court order not to go within 300 meters of a school, soon enough.

What absolute vile sewage these drones produce.

(Is that enough for ya @Kub933 ? ,:rofl::rofl::rofl:)

The audacity to make them and the ignorance to blindly perpetuate them! But then again this is the best we have managed to come up with before the 3rd alternative… It does seem beyond silly when contrasted with what is available here.

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Also this thread can become ones gauge on the way to freedom, simple test below :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

1 - Are you triggered and driven to defend the regurgitated pap being exposed


2 - Have you just looked at a cool picture with some words on it that make absolutely no sense :laughing:

OR (plot twist)

3 - Has your actualist morality made you angry and resentful at the silliness exemplified?


It’s an interesting reversal of what “darkness” has meant for thousands of years.

Even then, that in itself is such a racist thing really.

Things that are “dark” are evil?

I love Richard’s description of “velvety darkness” when he goes to sleep.

Darkness is sensous and smooth!

Tonight when I turn out the light, I will be looking forward to it teaching me “power and strength”.

Or 4. It highly entertaining to pull apart. Even educational and freeing.

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Light teach us humanity and love
Dark teach us power and strength
Red eyes teach us we have burst capillaries and should seriously get our blood pressure checked out


No matter what…it’s all “You”


This is clearly more accurate than it is inaccurate. If you regard Light and Dark as metaphors then it becomes even less problematic. Most people wouldn’t regard them as metaphors and the original memer probably doesn’t. This has clearly caused confusion and gullibility over the years as people have gone looking for something that doesn’t actually exist. But how it’s worded here is still not wildly far off from what I would posit. Just spitballing but I’d say something to the effect:

Happiness results in seeking to understand and wonder
Rottenness teaches power and loyalty.

  1. Light is certainly an obviously pleasant feeling though much heavier than happiness.

  2. Humanity and seeking to understand can be synonyms even to an actualist.

  3. Love and wonder may seem totally different but there are some forms of love that are quite compatible with wonder. Wonder is felicitous and felicitous emotions do mix with good emotions. Most people who experience wonder while feeling self-love or love for their fellow man or universal love will forget the wonder and just remember the way more poignant Love. But that doesn’t mean wonder wasn’t a big part of their experience.

  4. Dark is either unpleasant or sadistically pleasant. Rottenness can be called the verb of Dark.

  5. Power is Power.

  6. And I chose loyalty over strength because that’s how I see rottenness working. But loyalty and strength are quite related. People are more loyal to strength than weakness. Cohesion i.e. loyalty is required for something to be strong.

So I look at something like this and see how the person isn’t too far off. They don’t remember a PCE and don’t have access to the language Richard, mostly, has developed to distinguish purity form Light and felicity from good. And they don’t realize the harm that comes from claiming to be good and separate from those who are (overtly) wicked.

This one hits on 2 levels and kinda exposes itself, plus it’s pretty funny :laughing:

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Simpler times myth.

“Things were better in the old days.”

“The ancients were so wise”

My ancestors slaughtering…my other ancestors.

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I was reading Reddit in a cafe today and one of the comments said society has already fallen apart. After I left the shop, I noticed so much civil infrastructure. It’s countless how much we take for granted and so easy to nitpick on what services we could have or should have. Anyways, I think that’s pretty much the same idea.


“Europeans have had is easy myth.” Too

That the rest of the world are these innocent and peaceful peoples whom if it weren’t the evil Europeans would be just being one with the land.

But when one actually looks into the history of any gene pool, the internal fighting is the same.

You’re re-interpreting it in an actualist way. When clearly what they mean is something like “you need the good feelings to be loving and compassionate, but you also need the bad feelings to be powerful and strong”.

It’s actually combating the wisdom of the real world of “you should suppress bad feelings”. It’s saying no, bad feelings are valuable too. Which is also more wisdom of the real world lol.

Whereas the answer or course is no, you don’t need either …

You can reinterpret things all you want but it’s best to understand them in how they themselves are meant to be understood, not to try to jump through hoops to have it fit actualism.

I remember once someone on one of these forums coming across a piece saying how it’s ok to cry horribly and be sad, and he thought they themselves were saying it’s ok to be sad because the actual world is here anyway and it’s safe… and i was like man the person that wrote that don’t even know the actual world exists!!


Yeah this one hits even more as I’ve been watching game of thrones lately. Granted there was no dragons about but I realise the history of humanity was more or less the same, one group of people being at war with another, the powerful fighting for supremacy over another, morals crippling intelligence, starvation and squalor for the poor etc and all under the guise of serving some god and living the noble path.


Oops. You’re right. I totally jumped to the old native american thing where they say everyone is born with two wolves and who you are depends on which one you feed. That one I can let slide for the reasons I just wrote out. But this one is clearly beyond the pail.

I wasn’t reinterpreting. I was misinterpreting. :grimacing: