The perpetual music thread

Well, the irony is she was a country singer who changed her look and music to ride the pop punk wave.

So I wonder who she is critical of when she sings that song.

She had zero punk credentials, yet smashed up cars in her video clips.

I didn’t know she was a country singer before, that is interesting. I never really cared much for the image aspect of music.

I always just liked what I liked the sounds of. I have noticed a lot in the rock and metal fans here in the UK there is a big part of the music that seems identity driven and fashion, look and aesthetic driven too. I never really cared for that. Back in the day, people would bring it up sometimes like you don’t look like a rock or metal fan, as though I am supposed to follow some form of fashion approach.

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This is next level actualism music :slight_smile:

If you go to song radio for this song on Spotify it makes an awesome playlist

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In Utero but it’s Super Mario 64.

Saw this on my couple of months long delve in my main musical turning point.

It’s a rabbit hole just how far the elevation of Kurt’s godhead has gone.

Entire YouTube channels that only talk about the conspiracy that he was murdered.

Yeah I’ve seen that too. The algorithm is insane. You look at one Nirvana video and it’s recommending all things Nirvana as though you have no other interest now.

I don’t buy the murder conspiracy. The last week of his life was total shit. I only recently learned that he and Krist got into a physical fight at the airport not long before his death. Then I saw a clip of Krist talking about Kurt’s suicide and the simplicity of his statement “He never should have done that” just hit me right in the gut.

Now did he have an incredibly emotionally manipulative fame seeking money grubbing sociopath in his life that helped drive him to it. I think he did.

I remember
Still I remember howls of youth
How pasture gleamed with pearls of dew
When everything was vibrant
When life would run with lawless legs to race the sun
Let’s escape

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Well, he was already that fame hungry entity.

Attractions tend to be complimentary.

Having a brother who was a heroin addict, I have left quite a few comments on various channels calling out the bullshit surrounding this.

Heroin destroys the natural reward pathways. To an extent hard to express in percentages. 1000% . 100000% ???

Basically, heroin will kill you long before you are dead.

The murder proponents has absolutely zero idea about anything to do with heroin addicts or suicidal ideation.

Actually, a negative clue. An active blocking out of anything even vaguely factual about heroin or addiction, or suicide… absolutely beyond zero. It’s in ‘everyones’ interest to be more than ignorant.

Courtney was actually the best thing that happened to him. It was heroin and lifelong obsession with suicide that took him out.

Courtney is just the normal expression of blind natures reproductive bitch.

It’s typical of all suicide events to blame everyone around the person who did it.

I blame myself for both my brothers. Yet, while it is true that I am blind nature personified, so the fuck are they.

Kurt killed himself. No one else was responsible for that. Not even vaguely, or slightly, or in anyway.

Or, to reverse it, everyone of the 103 billion humans are equally responsible for everything single thing.

Good luck digging them up for the trial.

Insert Gen Z meme <>

I am projecting on to Courtney a bit based on personalities like hers that I’ve known intimately but of course you’re right. Kurt is 100% responsible. I can’t wrap my head around having a child and continuing to do heroin and then abandoning that child forever.

I believe you are talking about serotonin syndrome. Sounds hellish.

Yes, that is probably the name for it.

Heroin was destroying people a long time before it was illegal.

That change of tune from 0:51…there is something “unreal” about it in a cool way…

Probably one of the more optimistic n appreciative songs within the Human Condition…otherwise majority of all songs is just so much about sorrow :joy:


So there is something in the Australian water

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That’s epic. Makes me appreciate just what a lyrical master Em is. Casey nail this version home good.

Perfect song for me right now as a get ready for a date with what may be the “love” of my life.

Beach House - Beyond Love - YouTube You can also file this under ‘should we tell them’

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