This is a pinned post to be the one-stop-shop for all resources actualism- and actual-freedom- related.

  • The Actual Freedom Trust Website - The only guaranteed-to-be-accurate repository of authentic reports/ descriptions/ explanations of an actual freedom from the human condition. That means if there is any ever question or doubt of what is the case, don’t use this forum as the final arbiter, but rather, the Actual Freedom Trust website.
  • Simple Actualism - A website authored by a newly free person intented to be a (simple) bare-bones primer on actualism.
  • Actualism Wiki - the (as of now fledgling) actualism wiki!
  • - Alan’s actualism website
    • From the 21 September to the 14 November 2017 Dona and Alan stayed in Ballina and met up with Richard and Vineeto almost every day for 3-4 hours. They invited questions to be put to Richard and Vineeto from those interested in an actual freedom from the human condition.
    • The questions and answers can be found at this link.
    • Their own notes can be found at this link.
  • Diagrams Hub - to view the flowcharts and other diagrams

This is a that I have copy pasted from what I read on ActualFreedom Slack
AF Slack Notes , Actual Freedom from Slack Discussions


I currently maintain the instagram account '@thismmnt,’ with posts quoting the AFT and other sources, including links to source material.

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Adding in the current links to Geoffrey’s audio report of becoming actually free (clean version and version with once-in-a-lifetime G-dawg guitar playing):

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I just read Alan’s website, and frankly it’s trash.

There’s nothing there worth calling a “resource”

"Ask yourself this, each moment again.

It is suggested one starts with “feeling good” as the basic target answer to the question. If you do not know what feeling good means, perhaps now is the time to consider taking up some other pursuit, such as Monopoly or some equally intellectually stimulating hobby."


It’s a poorly regurgitated, mangled rehash which is obviously written as if he formulated it.

Thanks @John for sharing this , geoffrey’s writing: /John - #88 by John

if you or anybody else has writings of geoffrey, srinath or craig from slack days please post them here in resources

or even open a new thread .

Does anyone know how to view Richard’s journal on iphone? I downloaded the sample and when I opened it nothing was there. I’m trying to find an app in the store to convert .lit files but no luck.

I read it on my iPhone using an app called mobi reader, I think I just had to convert the file to a mobi file and then it works fine :+1:

Thanks, I’ll try it out.

I use the regular iphone ereader app ‘books,’ I similarly converted my copy