Leila's translation translated back into English by GoogleTranslate

I was interested to see how the Leila’s Farsi translation would look if translated back into English using Google Translate. I am amazed at how good this is! :smiley: You must have done a seriously good job @leila

Google translation of Leila’s translation of the AFT website:

Introduction to Richard’s Life:

Richard: All of us human beings, without any prior acquaintance, and unaware of everything, have entered this world when we were born and realize that this world is full of sorrow, loneliness and depression, malice and malice, resentment, war and Violence and so on. That all these are all pervasive events and are related to the “human condition” or human feelings … and this is how we seek to find a way out of this turmoil and all the violence and misery in which it finds itself. Let’s go out …

This is the first time we have all experienced this life as a human being and we wish we knew the meaning of life … and that is why I (Richard) have found or invented the method of “true freedom from the human condition”. … My motivation for doing this method includes three things: 1.) to bring peace and tranquility to the earth, 2.) to find the mystery of life 3.) and to find peace and tranquility in relationships between men And establish a wife …

All these questions about living, the state of the world and what it is like to be human, started for me in 1966 at the age of nineteen, when I was sent to a foreign country as an Australian soldier to fight the Vietnam War. I saw war and realized that I am as ‘sinful’ as anyone … because to live in this body, as everyone is in the body, means to be good and bad and to do good and bad … and There are only some people who were better at controlling their dark side than others. However, in war there was no way for anyone to be able to control their dark side completely and regularly … Evil in war is impossible They were avoided … and it was here that I came to know what human instincts are - what I now call the four basic instincts or survival instincts (fear, desire, anger, love, or protection). These are the package or set of emotions with which “blind nature” gave birth to all humans and animals for their survival and reproduction. Is . These instincts are the things that rule the world and control our behavior, thoughts and feelings as human beings, and give rise to the ‘mental self’ and the ‘emotional self’, which inhabit and disturb our identity….
After my experience of war, I dreamed of doing something constructive for my life: I dreamed of freeing myself, personally, of being human by nature - which all people say is unchangeable - و, and that’s why my search for liberation from the “human condition” began …….
My attitude throughout all those previous years has been that I was eager to change myself fundamentally, completely and completely. And it was twenty-six years later that I found a way to do it. But this way was possible only when this’ I ‘as an’ alien insider ‘ceased to disappear in its entirety. There was no way to free me from the’ human condition ‘, and only extinction and destruction.’ It was I who could reveal the peace and tranquility that has always existed on earth… …

You will find the real world by using the method of “true freedom from the human condition”. This real world is now perfect, and peace on earth - here in this real world - already exists - no one needs to invent this peace, they just need to enter this real world and It allowed it to appear and watched it unfold …
All of us human beings are either trying to create artificial peace or we are complaining about injustices and sufferings …
I did not invent this “peace” that exists on earth, this “peace” has been here before and always has been, and as it always has been, it will always be … I just discovered this “peace” by chance I did, that’s all … and this “peace” is so complete that I wished I could make people and other people aware of it, and what they will do with this information is up to them …

“True freedom from the human condition”, [8/4/2021 1:12 PM]

2 = What is the method of real freedom? Richard:

Before applying the method of “true freedom” (liberation from the human condition) - which equates to being happy, enjoying and constantly appreciating being alive in the moment - one must understand and know that this The moment that is happening now is the only moment of your being alive, because the past, although it has happened, no longer exists and is no longer real, and the future, although it will happen, is now real. No, because it has not happened yet … So only now means this is the present moment that is real and real … So if in this moment, a person is bad-tempered or bad-tempered, and it is bad-tempered and misbehaving that is his real state There is no point in being happy and harmless yesterday, and the hope of being happy and harmless tomorrow is just wasting this moment of being alive and waiting for life to be happy.


Farsi is not Arabic :face_with_peeking_eye: Still, good stuff

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Btw @leila can you send a link to your writings again?

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Oh yeah I meant Farsi :slight_smile: sorry!

Regarding translations I’d urge extreme caution and attention to detail – Richard wrote about it here regarding a Portuguese translation: A Matter of Translation

The matter there is a bit different in that it also involved copyright violation (they plagiarized the words/writings, and charged for the purloined works, along with soliciting donations to pay for publishing the purloined works) – but the part about the accuracy of translation is still relevant.

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Wasn’t meant as a serious post guys. It’s literally Google Translate :smiley:

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I’m referring to the Farsi version of course :slight_smile:

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@Srinath :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @Felix :blush: @Srinath @claudiu :blush:

Unfortunately , google translation does not work really well for English to Farsi .Maybe because Farsi has a really limited vocabulary ,and has a lot of Arabic words in it too .
For instance " real and actual " have the same meaning in Farsi and so on and so on .
Richard words are the most tough ones .We have rarely good farsi words or none for them .So had to invent some new words in farsi too :grinning:

Considering 7 or 8 hours a day is surely a lot of time >> 320 pages …Don’t know if this is enough or not .

Now have to decide whether to continue this translation or instead apply the method .
As Geoffrey said It does not work , applying the method while you are working . I have to put a time for it .

@Felix I gave a number to each post ,so it would be easier to find and pinpoint them .
Number 156 to 166 , ( which are 6 posts ) is your writings Felix .

@claudiu Thank you … I really tried very hard to pay extreme caution and attention to what has been written ,Sometimes Frank wanted to elaborate or make some changes to them ,but I did not want that . I translate every words as it is …So I am 99 percent sure that what I have done is " Genuine ":grinning:

I certainly never said that “applying the method while you are working” does not work.
You must have misunderstood what I said in the infamous ‘video’ (hint as to why I never wanted it to be made public…).
So I just had a look at it, to refresh my memory.
I explicitly said, in the said video, that the method “is something you do all the time”, is “24/7”, is not a “practice” like meditation, and that “one hour a day… is not gonna do anything”.
I also said that the application of the method “does not take time”, nor “cognitive engagement”… and that “you can do that while working” (apply the method)
IF one finds oneself having trouble doing that (applying the method all the time, e.g. while working), it might be one of two things:
First, a misunderstanding as to what the method is (the method is enjoying and appreciating this moment of being alive). As a consequence of that misunderstanding one could find oneself trying to maintain a ‘practice’ of being attentive (cognitively) to one thoughts, feeling state, or sensations, all the time - this would indeed be difficult to maintain during cognitively intensive work… but it’s not the actualism method.
Second case: when one is beginning to try and apply the actualism method, it could be that the simplicity of the method (even if understood in principle) is not apparent yet, and one finds oneself trying to trace back and find triggers left and right, doing some investigation on the fly in the midst of turbulent feelings and moods, in order to try and feel good again… which would indeed require some cognitive engagement, making it difficult to apply during cognitively intensive work.
What I did recommend in that video is that, IF one finds it difficult to apply the method 24/7 (e.g. during work) it might be beneficial to put some time aside to apply the method (being very clear that it is “not required”). Reducing the amount of distractions or triggers during that time, and dedicating it to the application of the method, might help solving both the problems highlighted above. First, one could gain an experiential understanding of what the method actually is. Second, one might go over the hurdles of the beginner practice, and develop some habits. Both these outcomes will naturally make it easier to apply the method all the time, as it is meant to be applied.

As an aside, if reading/translating material about the actualism method were something you can’t do while applying the actualism method… we’d have some kind of a problem eh :grin:.


Also just want to take the opportunity to point out … that if one doesn’t understand the method fully or thoroughly, and one is undertaking a translation effort from one language to another, then that is very likely if not guaranteed to lead to translation mistakes, where the misunderstanding is baked into the translated words.

And then people are going to assume that the translated words mean what the original words meant, when they do not…

It’s tricky enough to convey even in English to an English audience - people misunderstand the plainly written words left and right. Adding translation to the mix even with someone fluent in both languages and an “expert”-level understanding, would still likely introduce issues, though they could be corrected over time.

All that is to say that if I were you @leila and @FrankN i would plaster over many and varied warnings and caveats on the translations, that they are not the source material, may not be accurate to the source material, and that only the words as they appear on the AFT site are guaranteed to be accurate.

(Even so for example, on all of Peter and Vineeto’s pages they wrote while feeling-beings, there is an advisory that the words were written by feeling-beings, so appropriate care and caution could be taken when reading their words.)

That isn’t to make a value judgment over whether it should or shouldn’t be done… … but giving your audience the appropriate warnings can only help.


Thank you @geoffrey . Your video was very helpful and gave me extreme motivation to do the method ,since I finds it difficult to apply the method 24/7 while I am reading .SO now I am putting some time aside to apply the method , which is not required .

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Thank you @claudiu ,
I think I understand the method . because I had a few experiences like EE .And by having those experiences I got to know and understand all the words Richard has been saying .

Hmm but didn’t you just write:

That is, your understanding was that the method doesn’t work while you are working.

But as Geoffrey pointed out, that’s not quite right.

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Just to clarify, when you wrote:

As Geoffrey said It does not work , applying the method while you are working . I have to put a time for it .

Which is the case:

  1. Was it your understanding that for nobody, in any circumstance, does the method work while one is working? And that the only way to apply the method is by putting time aside for it? And then after Geoffrey’s explanation your understanding changed to see that the method can work while one is working, but it doesn’t for you?


  1. Is it that your understanding is unchanged, that you knew that in general the method can work while one is working, and you were just saying that it doesn’t work for you specifically that way?

Thank you Claudio . I do not know which one … :grinning:
All i know is that as a beginner , enjoying and appreciating this moment of being alive can happen for me while i go for a walk .and i do not know if i am enjoying and appreciating while i am at home reading and so on …
SO i guess you are right that i may not know what is actualism method is …which is enjoying and appreciating this moment of being alive … :grinning:

And also as a feeling being i feel bad about the translation now and i feel that i am being condemned …and maybe because i said 20 people are reading these contents…

I decided not to write here anymore …because it made me feel bad . :grinning:So I apologize if I do not respond anymore …Felix it is your fault :rofl:

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Ok! It might re-assure you to know that there was no condemnation from me :slight_smile: though I can see why you may feel that way. But I make no judgement of whether you ‘should’ or ‘shouldnt’ translate.

Maybe the conversation helped to show the point though, that the nuances can be tricky to see, and that it makes sense to take a lot of care how it is communicated.

Generally for me, if it’s made clear the AFT site is the place to go for clarifying the topics, that the AFT site is guaranteed to be accurate, then that is sufficient. People can do whatever they like with whatever anyone else says at that point. Mostly I want to avoid misunderstandings, as much as possible.

OK .Thank you Claudiu .

I thought i am not gonna write anymore here ,
but my identity does not let me do that .
she thinks she has to explain everything .

After 2 hours of not feeling good .Now i m back to feel good again .
Even though we are not responsible for other feelings ,but I was so frustrated because it is very difficult to explain to someone ( who does not know farsi )what I have been traslating .

And you just assumed the translation from google translate- which are not correct - is what i am doing …No . the google translate is not correct and you can not translate my translation in google translate .

it does not work … and all of which i translated is from the AF Website …including just 6 post of Felix’s that are about his PCEs recently .

SO again I did not translate anything outside َ AF WEB…

This is all your fault Felix :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Now i have made two identities for myself …one as a translator , and one as a actualist… :grinning: :grinning:


Welcome back to feeling good! :smiley:

It’s much more fun to converse when feeling good.

But I did no such thing! I could take this opportunity to be offended but instead I’ll explain :slight_smile:

What happened is:

  • You made a post where you said “As Geoffrey said It does not work , applying the method while you are working .”
  • Geoffrey made a post in reply to this saying that he never said that and that “You [leila] must have misunderstood what I said […]”
  • I took this opportunity to point out that if [note: if] one doesn’t understand the method fully or thoroughly, and one is undertaking a translation effort from one language to another, then that is very likely if not guaranteed to lead to translation mistakes” . Note I didn’t say that you misunderstood the method… just that if someone doesn’t understand, and is translating, then that can lead to translation mistakes.
  • You replied to this saying “I think I understand the method” .
  • I then replied re-iterating the misunderstanding that Geoffrey already pointed out, to see if it wasn’t the case that you did indeed have a misunderstanding? Because that would then mean there was something you were missing about the method.
  • You replied saying essentially that you aren’t sure if you misunderstood the method or not (“I do not know which one …”), regarding the point Geoffrey replied to – which at least would indicate a not 100% solid understanding, or you would be sure you understood.

In any case, nowhere in this did I refer to the google translation of your translation. I don’t know if the translation is accurate or not - I don’t speak Farsi. But I do know that if there is not a 100% completely solid understanding, then it is likely that there will be translation mistakes – for the simple reason that there is likely going to mistakes even just re-iterating what is already said in the same language, and translating is one extra step on top of this.

And the purpose or intent behind me saying all this is just to indicate that some advisory messages or warnings might be a helpful thing to go along with your translations. Because, what is the purpose of you translating it into Farsi, if not to share this wonderful thing you found with your fellow human beings? And of course you would want them to understand what it is accurately, you would not want to lead them astray, right? And so therefore wouldn’t it be in the interest of communication to indicate something like (example only): “Note I am still learning the method, still working on applying it in my own life, and so it’s possible the translations won’t be 100% accurate, though of course I take great care to make sure it is as accurate as I can make it, but ultimately the source material in the original language is what is guaranteed to be accurate, and these translations have not been verified by those original authors to be 100% accurate.”

I’m a little confused here. Felix’s posts are not from the AF Website… and you translated them… so doesn’t that mean you did translate something from outside the AF Website?

Not that there is anything ‘wrong’ with that anyway ( I never said that would be ‘wrong’ ). Though it would seem helpful to indicate this is a post by Felix, who himself said “to not listen to those posts” and that his “diary is not intended as a teaching tool” (link), and so is certainly of a different category of writing than that which is written on the AF Website.

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