Enjoy this while you can

There are many who read this forum and seldom or never post anything.

I often wonder why. Are they so successful that it’s redundant to talk about it? Are they afraid?

For anyone afraid, it doesn’t sting anywhere as much as you feel it will. It can be embarrassing, it will be confronting, there will be a new level of accountability. It won’t hurt as much as missing out though.

There is no guarantee this forum will be of the high quality it is right now forever. Don’t wait.

Dive in and rip the band-aid off!

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I’m one of those. But I wouldn’t say it’s fear. I just don’t know what to say. It seems like all has been said and done. And there is the thought that endless discussion is yet another sly game of the thinking/feeling self to keep itself humming. It is like writer’s block on steroids. Been a while since I’ve felt good though… oh and that’s another thing, sometimes I feel so bad I feel like I’ll just get shot down for not feeling good. Like I have so much repressed rage, anger and above all bitterness that I will just bring everyone down. So I just curl up and think I’m doing everyone a favour (probably am) by keeping to myself.


Honestly I’ve had so many screw ups with love that I’m past the point of embarrassment. What’s the worst that can happen? Actualists will judge you (unlikely), or you’ll get new perspective/advice that will kickstart or further ignite your actualist practice in some way. It’s also that we have never seen such heavy participation as we’re seeing now. Multiple topics, multiple posts a day. We only have one life, and if we’re serious about actualism, why not make use of everything we have?
tl;dr - just post :smiley:


You are exactly who I imagined.

I don’t know what peculiar quirk of conditioning made me a compulsive poster, talker, communicator…does it even matter?

There is probably no one who has made a bigger fool of themselves than me in actualism. Maybr Srid with his whole Trump melt down, tops me. I will give him that!

Is it it a choice?

Who cares.

You get to die in a corner, or die in the square.

At least in the square you get to go out with something to your credit.

Tldr; just post!!!

In one hundred years, who will care?

In a 3 billion, I guarantee absolutely no one. They will be too concerned with the fact the sun is now a giant “red” star, that has expanded to engulf Earth’s old orbit,l.

Tickets to whatever starship will be hot property.

No one is going to give a flying wahzoo.

Except of course, Me. I will be 3 billion and 46 years old. Reading old posts on this forum.

I will care. For as long as my heart keeps beating.


I don’t know why you mention about having made a fool of yourself. Me not posting isn’t due to worrying what others will think. It is that quite literally there are no opinions to express. It’s actually hard to sustain conversation these days. There’s a thought/belief/view/opinion, then the emotional fuel propelling it is seen, then there’s a swirl of circular reasoning, mental exhaustion, then poof nothing. There is no feeling at the moment of getting to “go out with something in my credit” being something to aim for/desirable. There is a lot of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” so why bother. This scene is a good depiction: [Westworld] Maeve "No one knows what I'm thinking" - YouTube

Things that piss me the eff off are on repeat at a barely tolerable intensity these days and there is this unsettling tension between wanting to express rage/bitterness and leaving, and sitting with those emotions and wanting to see the storm out.

There is also the view that I will eventually feel good and if it be my destiny, perhaps permanently.

And this annoying inner child still wants to see :argentina: be world champion :joy: :sob: haha

PS. Why am I exactly who you imagined? :thinking:

Oh, you are better than I imagined. A functional depressive just like me!

I appreciate that you could post at all.

Interesting that you linked to Westworld. I have never watched it, but I had read that it was in part inspired by one of my favourite psychologists Julian Jaynes.

His 1976 book “Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” is a stand out in the world of consciousness studies.

It will continue to be almost completely ignored because 90% of the world believe in God (or equivalent) and his research completely craps on the traditional idea.

God arose evolutionarily, as a outworking of ancestor worship, which was a fundamental aspect of the “schizophrenic” nature of human consciousness 5-9 thousand years ago.

I appreciate how you imagine that what you describe is a slam dunk conclusion, so “why bother”.

I guess you are on the next level of Dante’s circles of hell, imagining the is nothing at all which could possibly come of your contribution.

I just got off the phone an hour ago, after a 2 hour conversation. I realised that I really am trying to convince the unconvincable.

Not that I know what I am talking about.

I suppose all I am saying is that whatever you think is a “fait accompli” probably isn’t, and the idea that you have nothing to share is obviously false;

There is plenty you are feeling, not understanding, and otherwise “sweeping under the rug”.

I have watched over a decade of amateur soccer, or more accurately, walked around various suburbs contemplating life while it is playing, and I hope that someone wins the world cup.

I think that is the safe bet. :wink::rofl:

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Bueno, ya que sos “uno de esos” que “estas por aquí, leyendo”, si querés, podés y le encontrás sentido (yo no pude alinear las tres condiciones durante mucho tiempo) podrías leer la traducción (Categoría española - #18 by Miguel) y anotar tus comentarios/observaciones a lo @Felipe :wink:.

Admito que traducir y corregir traducciones puede convertirse rápidamente en un embole, y que te pueda parecer más atractivo mirar el mundial (:joy:).


I think I’m pretty much in the same spot as @milito.paz: I don’t feel that I have anything to say or to contribute. The only thing I’m trying to do is to apply the method and to have my attentiveness running 24/7. I struggle alot with being attentive to feelings at all times. Especially these past weeks when I’ve been preparing for talking ‘salary’ with my boss and sending in applications for other jobs (being on job interviews etc.).

It has been kind of stressful…

I got one ‘job’ (shit the seriousness implied in that word…) and that is trying to understand the method and to apply it to each moment again. But I don’t see how talking could help me with that - except in one way as it now hit me: To keep my focus on actualism and not to get lost in real life drama (which I’ve kind of been doing for the past 2 weeks).

But again, my own silence isn’t due to not being interested or that I’ve lost motivation - or perhaps a little? Since a loss of focus seem to also mean a wavering sincerity. I think that I’d probably need to write more to keep a better focus on this my ultimate goal in life and perhaps replying your silly post is one step in the right direction? :wink:

You Andrew, kind of remind me of Felix and his early enthusiasm when he back on ‘slack’ notified everyone on the list and told them to wake the fuck up. It worked. I woke up. Perhaps you get to be my personal saviour this time? :rofl:


@John @milito.paz I don’t write much on here but it’s enuf to keep me engaged as I have no one else to discuss these matters with.


Cue; Depeche Mode. :rofl:

The main idea behind starting this topic was in line with the idea that “choice” is enabled by options and information.

Most of the time, it seems the options are limited to essentially doing what we have always done. Until, someone or some event shows us that there are more options.

Then the “choice” to try something different can happen.

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I agree. Heaps. And as true as it is that there is plenty I am not understanding, I wouldn’t say I’m sweeping it under the rug… Well at least not so much these days.

What is it even to think something is a ‘fait accompli’? Just words to describe a very particular viewpoint of what is. He perceives it as a fait accompli based on all that he’s been through and been told. A narrative. Part of the script. Once you see that what does it matter?

I feel like saying all you need to do is wait.

We open our heads, pour text (of varying forms) in and let it churn.

In some stories that leads to the impulse to type stuff here as part of this data processing. For me it hasn’t so far.

Also kinda looking after my kids 24/7 (those hours are almost literal, I’m the primary caregiver of our two kids :P) kills my posting energy/doing anything energy.

I’m actually smiling as I type this. I have no idea what I’m on about. Thanks for that. :rofl:

So where do you think you’re at Andrew? Long to go?

When it happens, it will be now.

I appreciate your situation. And enjoyed reading this post.

A lot.

I felt I “launched” at you with my first reply.

I am glad you saw fit to reply further.

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Patience is definitely part of this. It takes time to truly process what is going on.

Leí tu traducción cuando la compartiste hace un tiempo. No suena exagerado esto por mi falta de educación formal en español pero pensé que era una traducción e interpretación perfecta del texto de Richard.

Con respecto a participar en el esfuerzo de la traducción o ver la copa del mundo: ¿por qué no los dos? :smile:

“Doing anything energy.” I like this phrase.

I think when it comes down to it, “I” am choosing to stay in existence due to an intense fear of being seen as a psycho should I self immolate and any potential negative impacts that could have on my children in particular. I think it’s the last riddle for me to solve.

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Haha I know this one too…but I recall that in the short PCE I had, I was actually behaving much better with people, so people will likely see me as a better person than a psycho type fellow… but my big fear is that - If I do reveal that I’m actually free and what it means, then people may start torturing me physically or do some other shit just to see if I have some feeling :crazy_face:

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