Commitment to Feeling good for the rest of one's life

This was the last thing Richard said to me whilst they dropped me off at the airport.

It lasted about a week, before I embroiled myself in more relationship drama and within 2 months I was in Russia.

When I fail, I fail with style at least.

The commitment to feeling good. Everything else is only applicable after this.

This is really Actualism 101.

Funnily, if someone introduced a monk to me, and said “She has been meditating for 10 years!”

I would think, “Wow, they must be great at it!”

Actualism is the opposite. 10 years of actualism doesn’t make one “good at it”.

180 degrees peeps.

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These are my thoughts on it;

One set the commitment to feel good, as a baseline, no matter what, for the rest of one’s life.

The commitment can precede actually feeling good.

One then has started.

From there everyone’s journey is different.

Some are already feeling good, it makes sense and off they go.

Some feel good sometimes, and it takes a bit of work to understand this radical proposal. But it sounds great, off they go.

Others have no idea WTF feeling good means, and bounce off it. Some are stubborn enough to keep trying, others disappear over the horizon.


(linking these posts here, so they are not lost. As we discussed a while back, not everyone reads the journals)

If you’re feeling consistently happy & harmless after those 10 years, that’s pretty good success!

True, it has taken 10 years for the simplicity of finding out a decision could be made which is independent of the ‘heart’. That’s what it seems like to me. There is a place in my ‘head’ which has this confidence.

I remember Richard saying one could be “Whistling a tune on the top of mount Doom”.

I spent last night enjoying the ability to think in this new proximity to the innate intelligence.

What used to be a rare occurrence, having an insight, is becoming the default thinking pattern.

I am fighting a cold, and yesterday was getting over that bottle of wine which somehow disappeared while I was chatting with Adam and yourself.

It was 9pm and I thought, I guess that’s enough for the day. However, I wanted more!

So I started recording some more what I was calling “emotional processing”. Just talking about relationships in this case.

For the first time, I actually felt sad about the tragedy that my ex wife of 17 years and I didn’t enjoy ourselves. I remembered us being such young kids, just 21 and 24. The thinking was so “fair”. There wasn’t the one-sided anger, or denial.

Ended up spending 2 hours essentially have a conversation with myself enjoying processing feelings which have been hidden under my resentment for 25 years.


:clap: :clap:

“Make all the things you want to think about come to your feel good place in your mind, don’t go to them”

This just popped into my mind.

Be on top of the mountain, no need to leave the sunshine. When I am feeling good my thinking is like a continuous realisation. When I decend into feeling bad, it is marked with blame, confusion, and one-sided, second hand, poorly remembered advice.

Video excerpt where Richard talks about how the method works.