Why focus on becoming free, rather than on others?

The recent posts in Shank’s Journal have me thinking about the actualist orientation to focusing on becoming free oneself, rather than on trying to convince, cajole, encourage others to become free.

I thought of the image of a balloon, which here represents the collective psyche of humanity.

If you want to pop the balloon, the demonstratably most effective method is to prick it with something sharp. This would represent one person becoming free. The most significant thing that ever happened was when Richard became free. It demonstrated for the first time ever that the PCE could be lived as an ongoing condition. The second most significant moment was when Peter became free (followed closely by Vineeto), proving that it was not a one-off freak accident, but was reproducible on diligent application of the method.

With each new free individual, another ‘hole’ has been poked in that balloon, speeding its collapse.

When we sit here (not free) trying to encourage others who may only be lukewarm about actualism (at best) on the merits of becoming free, we’re taking a different approach. I have done this many many times, so I consider myself a bit of an expert on the subject :wink:

I’d compare it to attempting to pop the balloon by squeezing it with both hands. The idea being that, maybe if enough people all work together, that the pressure of overall enjoying + appreciation might be enough to pop the balloon, for the benefit of all. Perhaps it could work out that way. Who knows.

But it’s clear that that ‘squeezing’ approach would take a lot more pressure, and would also require the cooperation of a large number of feeling beings who must be convinced, cajoled, and encouraged to do something that they’re not necessarily as excited about or interested in as I am.

So, once again, my energy is always best spent focusing on whatever the next step is for me. If I can be one more pin-prick, then I’ve just done the best possible thing for humanity.