What is the best format for this site on mobile?

Hey guys, I just realised there are heaps of posts from other people that I have been missing (like the meme chat :grin:). I was just wondering what the best option is for using this on mobile to get proper notifications and everything. At the moment I’ve got it as like a browser extension app link I think - is there an actual app to use which is better?

Screenshot_20210912-140247_One UI Home

Screenshot_20210912-140410_Samsung Internet

I use the same but don’t care too much about notifications as I just check it periodically. I use “Latest” filter on the frontpage to keep track of all new posts.

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iPhone user here and we get no fancy stuff from Discourse, but I think the android app allows notifications.

No, @Felix Felix, there is no real app. What you have it’s a PWA application.

Here I explain it Notifications, along with the types of notifications -and difficulties- that actually exist on various devices/platforms.

I am in the position as @solvann, as I usually have a forum tab constantly open in Chrome on my PC while working, or else I check the site periodically. For mobile users it’s more complicated (even for Android ones)

Feedback like yours and @emp is important to know what our usage preferences are, to adapt to what is available now, but also to see what new options are appearing or can be developed.

One day I’ll make the actual app with real push notify :smiley: