Unifying topics

In this topic we can suggest to move whole topics or parts of topics to be unified with others.

@Kub933: do you want me to move Cub933's Introduction to your Journal?

Yes please :grin:


Unfortunately, there still seems to be no way to maintain the chronological order of the posts when merging two topics -neither at the time of doing it, nor afterwards- (a requested function long ago)

Thank you for all the weight lifting you, @claudiu and others are doing behind the scenes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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So, @hunterad, I moved the rest of “Spiritual Consciousness” to “Hunter Journal”. Feel free to change “Hunter” for “Hunterad” or whathever you want (if you don’t want a Journal, we can convert it in a new topic in “Actualism” or append it to an existing topic that you find related to that content).

In addittion, I removed from “Spiritual Consciousness” the last messages where we exchanged about the decision, so this topic remains clean for whoever wants to add something about the original topic proposed by @goldenclouds (as always, the administrators will still see them -in a different color-).

So I do already have a journal going here, I titled it Adam’s journal when I made it a couple months back as that is my first name :smiley: lol. Confusing I know. I think I will change the title (of my original journal) to hunterad’s journal to help clarify and keep it aligned with my username haha. Could you please move the conversation there?

Actually I am not sure how to edit the title of that original journal, is it possible to do so?

Yes to both

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Doing some cleanup, besides unifying the topics about chats I unified the ones about Zulip (so ignore any notification you may receive that Srid has just posted something: it’s a bug that sometimes happens with the first post of a topic when moving it into another one).

I moved the topics related to our performance in Google Search to SEO and indexing (again, ignore any notification informing that @claudiu -in this case, because he had started the topic now moved-, has just posted in that topic).

I also just added our July search performance for actualism.online (finally, after a few months, Google was able to report complete numbers for each category/section -clicks, pages, queries, devices, countries, etc.-).

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