There is an ongoing video meeting! (maybe)

Let’s have more video meetings.
In that spirit, let’s have a thread for video meetings!

So… anytime you feel like talking to fellow actualists, post an invite link in this thread, and when the meeting’s over (or you’re bored of waiting for people to join hahaha), you edit the link out of the post, say “thanks guys” to the (imaginary) participants, and…
Until next time!

(Please: no recording of other participants without express permission.)


Let me start.
Join me for a quick chat guys!
Nice and cosy. No pressure.
I mostly want to test my setup anyway lol

EDIT sometimes later: “Thanks guys!”
… well ok nobody joined hahaha…
I’m gonna go for a swim and probably try again later today. Cheers!

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Yay, that sounds good. Are you thinking to use the thread to arrange potential dates/times for meetings or literally just to post when one is happening?

@Kub933 My intention was the latter, for I’m not so keen on scheduled stuff lol.
But sure. Go ahead and organize!
I’ll join! (… probably lol).

Yeah the arranging can be tricky especially with the time differences. Well me and @Felix were discussing a chat and @FrankN was interested too, I am guessing @Sonyaxx will join with me too. The thing is I am only really free on Sundays, any time after 3pm UK time. Does that work for anyone?

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Oh damn I was so ready to join haha.

Ok ok

Haha 1 sec

thx @Felix for these cool two hours!

I’ll start other chats guys.
In the meantime I’ll watch this thread like a hawk to join the chats you guys are starting :sunglasses:.
Err… probably :grin:

The only day I’m not at home I miss it :joy: instead got my nails done haha

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@Sonyaxx you’ve got your priorities straight :grin:

I never get my nails done. :rofl:

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We can match :slight_smile:

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@Sonyaxx worth it!

Yeah was great finally meeting you after 2 years on here! My pleasure, thanks for logging back on.

Looking forward to next time with the rest of the peeps :slight_smile:

An actual freedom from cuticle negligence :slight_smile:

I haven’t achieved that one!
So many adventures to be had still :star_struck:.


Can you guys record these meetings, so if we missed it, it can be shared privately .


Ok I’m doing a quick night session, with candles and stuff :sunglasses:
In case anybody wanna chat, now is the time.

EDIT after a while: ok nevermind :joy:
I could conclude that this is not the way to go, and schedule meetings like a normal person. Or I could just go on doing these impromptu propositions whenever… Guess what I’m gonna do :sunglasses:

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I was here an hour ago, but i was reading other ( Felix’s post ) at that time. :smile:

Also, for data volume’s sake, we may choose to “record only the sound” on these sessions.
I think you can do this with Skype, but I am not familiar with Zoom!

These chats can be very valuable and as geoffrey stated himself, they could ‘provide key
information’ so to prevent years of wandering off track. So recording them will be a most
valuable aid to practicing actualists ( all over the World lol )

Thanks geoffrey and others for doing these chats

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