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Who read Richard’s latest AFT posts about our old friend @lexej and thought;

“Hey, I want my own hard drive of correspondence!”.

Just me?

Whoops. :rofl:

Thank you, Richard.

This is the link I pass on whenever introducing someone to actualism. Good to see it getting fine tuned and upgraded.


☆ FiRsT!!

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Quick primer on some alternative phrasings:

  • “infecundous same-sex sexual persuasion” = “gay”

So of course:

  • “fecundous other-sex sexual persuasion” = “straight”

LOL and:

  • “infecundous same-sex imposturage of fecundous other-sex sexual union” = “gay sex”

We’re reaching lexicographical obscurity levels that haven’t been reached before.




Ah, and of course, in place of “buggery,” or as I called it in 4th grade, “gay butt sex,” there is the more eloquent: “same-sex imposturage of intromissive penile-vaginal mating by males of an infecundous same-sex sexual persuasion.” :joy:

bruv this is so dense it makes my eyes cross

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Hear ye, hear ye, New content from Richard (or rather, a sort of hybrid of new and throwback content)!

Skye is once again at it. Richard, with his trenchant and adept style of analysis, heads back in time 15 years to finally address two posts authored by the charismatic antagonist—“Skye”—a slightly “off-kilter” Bette Davis impersonator and avid collector of tube socks and DSM syndromes. In a manner distinctly more concise than previous exercises, Richard succeeds in untangling the knots formed by a twisted mind equipped with (or crippled by, take your pick) powers of projection out from which tangled threads are contrived. Here is where the grand distinction between rapportage and narrative can be appreciated. Despite all, to a considerable degree, one cannot help but empathize with the malefactor, for is he not both a contributor but also a product—another noxious emission of a world “where ‘truths’ not only trump facts but where facts are ‘truths’ to be dissed at will, or even whim, at times”? Often amusing and always engaging, be sure to check out this latest addition to “Facts (Actuality) and Groupthink (Orthodoxy).”



Richard’s thoroughness is mind-boggling.

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It’s a fascinating thought; will this writing result in a … result?

Obviously, I think not. However, I am more than happy to be wrong.

Richard went against established wisdom from the start, and so far, the results speak for themselves.

I wonder if the abject narcissism displayed by Chaz, (whoever that is), on being penetrated by such thorough dismantling of each and every display of the same, will indeed dismantle the convoluted delusional structure.

One would think, using conventional wisdom, that it is a fool’s errand. I am neither confident, or pessimistic. Something way beyond the norm has already happened. Multiple times.


^ As an aparitif for the consumption of Richard’s voluminous Examen, which, in signature fashion, has been generously doused in divers and delectable digressions, one might prefer to prime their appetite by first reading in full the 19th century article which Richard’s Examen is in response to.

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