Mushrooms advice

So, I managed to get 2 grams of magic mushrooms.

My plan is to take a day off and start with 0.5 grams in lemon juice. Which I have read is the upper limit of a “micro-dose”.

From there, be as sensous as possible and monitor the experience.

I suspect I will need more, but I am thinking to wait 2 hours before having another 0.5 grams. Which will be the lower limit of a “low dose”.

And again, at 2 hours etc.

As the reported “trip” length is between 4-6 hours, I should be able the “overlap” doses without risking a bad trip.

My thinking is by giving myself a full day, in the sunshine etc, I will have the best chance of inducing a PCE this way.

Has anyone tried this? Thoughts?

I’m surprised you haven’t heard yet from other psychonauts here. I endorse your approach. The lemon juice should quicken things. Also try to consume on a somewhat empty stomach for quicker effect. It can take anywhere from 30 min to 1 hr 30 min to feel anything.

I like your progressive scaling approach. Doing it that way, I wouldn’t expect a massive trip, good or bad. You should still have a fair amount of control over your thoughts. But you almost certainly should feel effects once you get into the 1.5-2.0 g area. Although I can’t say how the spacing between your doses will effect your experience, other than expecting that it will be a milder 1.5-2.0 g experience than had you taken it all at one go.

Keep us posted when you do it, if you are able. I would be interested in your ongoing report.

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You can make the mushrooms into tea and it has the same effects but less upset stomach. Makes a big difference in the ease of enjoying the experience

I also recommend having something to eat ready, you don’t want to get hungry partway through the trip. I like to have fruit juice like lemonade or orange juice to get a boost when I need it

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Thanks to both of you.

@rick I had read that the effect comes on quicker when mixed with citrus or made into a tea. The 2 hour spacing is probably to much.

@henryyyyyyyyyy Good call. I am thinking to have something light to eat, and will have some fruit ready for snacks.

I am a bit nervous, but not so much about a bad trip, more that I have one shot at it. I probably could get some more, so that’s unnecessary pressure too.

My only other psychedelic experience was probably 15 years ago.

That’s an interesting idea. I will certainly have my phone on me.

From what I have read on actualist chats over the years, it’s a slim chance for the PCE. However, it may be surprising in some other way.

I was able to turn nervousness into excitement to perform yesterday, you got this! :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

My advice is allow yourself to feel whatever comes up , fully and completely. You will likely feel lighter the next day

Cheers Claudiu, that sounds sensible. I remember last time on a psychedelic (15 years ago) it was the next day which was just as interesting.

I’ll be interested to hear how it goes for you, I think on 0.5 it would be very difficult have any kind of bad trip/negative experience. What makes you say that you only have 1 chance at this?

I realised I don’t have “just one chance”.

It just the culmination of wanting to experiment with this for a decade.

It actually came completely “out of the blue”.

I don’t have direct access to the supplier.

I ended up trying some shrooms a few times. I’ve been busy so I’ll write about it later on. It was just dried mushrooms that I measured on a scale and chewed with water. My approach was also progressive, but it was over the course of weeks. I started with .1g for a couple days, then went up to .5g. It was around .7g that I actually started to really trip. This may vary between different people.

The max dose I tried was 2.2g and the only times I experienced a more sensuous state was actually when I micro-dosed with about .2g worth. The other times were all ASC (and nothing interesting I’d say on hind-sight). The experience also varied with where I was. I’d say being in nature, maybe priming yourself with some readings on actualist topics, and setting the intention beforehand may help. But once it happens I’d just experience whatever happens without resisting. To an extent, experiences will pretty much be unpredictable from person-to-person. Hope you get a PCE!


Thanks heaps @cross.chrono

Lettuce know how you went Andrew. Shrooms rock

Since you and @Andrew mentioned a progressive approach to psilcybin, it’s worth noting that tachyphylaxis will occur pretty quickly. Microdosing over the course of a week will increase your tolerance to the drug rapidly, and you’ll need more shrooms to get the desired effect, else you’ll feel it less.

It’s not permanent, however, and your tolerance should be back to normal in about 5-7 days. An alternative approach may be to take a small amount one week to gauge the effects, and wait a week to up the dose. This scientific study chose to wait 4-weeks between each dose:

A dose of 0.2-0.5mg is considered to be in micro dosing territory and may not be noticeable. Here’s a quick-and-dirty reference guide: Magic Mushroom Dosage Information - Three Amigos Psilocybin

To my knowledge it’s hard to overdose. Serotonin syndrome could be a concern but this article suggests there’s low risk (and this is for people who are on an SSRI): Assessing Risk for Serotonin Syndrome When Treating Patients on Antidepressants With Psychedelic Medicine

I’ll echo what @henryyyyyyyyyy said about making the tea. You can boil it in water for 10 minutes and then mix it with other teas like peppermint to help with the flavor. A french press is useful. But perhaps the easiest way to ingest it would be in a small smoothie.

Nausea and sweating will be likely but shouldn’t be alarming. I have a weak stomach so you may not notice anything, more so if you keep the dose low.

I’d love to know an estimated amount that Richard took. My guess would be on the higher side. He notes on the site that he’s done it 5-times in total and I would guess he tried taking it a few more times after the first one that triggered a PCE.

Cheers @edzd ,

I am learning a lot. I am now leaning towards going for 1 gram as a tea, which I am confident will have an effect I can do something with.

Still have to find time!

I thought Richard’s PCE was triggered by LSD and not mushrooms ?

I remember reading it was mushrooms. Someone gave them to him and said it was like weed.

Let’s all sing our praise to the man that handed him the shrooms then! :laughing:

“It’s just like pot, man, you gonna be fine”

Cue the end of humanity. :slight_smile: