Milito’s Journal

Hahaha Paul you’ve done it again :rofl:

I don’t know! And what’s worse is that was the last session of term. They will return in two weeks and it isn’t guaranteed that my daughter will be with the same group.

The leads I’ve got are that she was of tanned complexion and was using the pronoun of the second person singular “vos” instead of “tu”. The accent was not Argentine, Chilean or Colombian (biggest Latin American migrant groups here). My best bet is that she was from El Salvador as they use “vos” as well, are also a large Latin American migrant group here and she didn’t have the above mentioned accents.

We shall see!


Wonderful news and congratulations! Also curious did you ever meet any actually free people like Richard or Vineeto?


Thank you very much and no! Never.

Guys this is sooo cool.

There is no rudeness anywhere. People that previously would have been perceived as rude are a delight to deal with! I’ve been missing out on so much fun with such people. The difference between their manners and those of “nice” or “kind” people is akin to the difference between heavy metal music and say elevator chill music.

It’s all awesome.



Congratulations Milito, I am very glad for you and for our community trying to “becoming free from this madness, called Human Condition”.

Could you please talk some about your “doing the method” in the past few months; what did you do for enjoying and appreciating, how much time you spent, what was your focus and any helpful details that you may think of is appreciated.

Again I am so happy for you!


Kheili mamnoon Frank jane aziz

To begin with, I fully endorse the method as it is described on the AFT. I do not think at all that there is anything to add or subtract to/from it.

Also I can say with the utmost confidence that I as ‘doer’ has been extinct since 2016. So I have not been ‘doing’ anything as such. I have been busy however BEING every single motha-effin’ feeling while simultaneously having the goal of living the PCE 24/7 for the rest of my life on my mind. The clarity of the goal increased as feelings diminished and feelings diminished by not repressing nor reacting to them (something very difficult to do while in the thick of it but totally worth it. Also don’t ever beat yourself up! You have all the time in the world!). As the ‘beer’ (cheers mate :beer: ) it has just been the most fascinating and thrilling unravelling/undoing/withering away/.

So do until you are. Then be until you aren’t :smiley: :smiley:

  • Attentiveness (which becomes autopilot after constantly asking HAIETMOBA)

  • Sensuousness

  • Apperceptiveness

Attentiveness And Sensuousness And Apperceptiveness (

The day finally dawned where the definitive moment of being there, right then, conclusively arrived; something irrevocable took place and every thing and every body and every event was different, somehow, although the same physically; something immutable occurred and every thing and every body and every event was all-of-a-sudden undeniably actual, in and of itself, as a fact; something irreversible happened and an immaculate perfection and a pristine purity permeated every thing and every body and every event; something had changed forever, although it was as if nothing had happened, except that the entire world was a magical fairytale-like playground full of incredible gladness and a delight which was never-ending.

(Yes I pasted a Richard quote into Chat GPT then asked it to rewrite it all in the past tense :joy: hahaha)

Ain’t life grand!

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Milito jan, tashakorre faravan .

You could say that you got the best “Norooz” ( Farsi Speaking New Year, which is the 1st day of Spring ) gift that one could ever wish for :joy: .

Your response is appreciated very much. Could you please explain more as to what you mean by: " I can say with the utmost confidence that I as ‘doer’ has been extinct since 2016. So I have not been ‘doing’ anything as such. "

Eydet ( each moment again ) Mobarak Milito Jan.


This is some really inspiring cool news…Congrats !

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Just some further reflections/observations/thoughts

  • Actually free people are channels of pure intent.

  • The forum can be said to be a success (and bear in mind my engagement with it has been relatively minimal). It has been a great engagement tool. It’s another something in your toolkit to keep you on track.

  • I can stare at the sun. Sensitivity to light may have been affective. And please don’t try this and blind yourselves. The healing of a bruise from a whack on the shin from last Sunday’s futsal match has been sheer delight.

  • The actually free are like ghost busters. People’s vibes (the psychic emission of who they are: parasitic entities residing in a flesh and blood human body) seem to get sucked in by a conscious flesh and blood human sans the identity’s purity. Much like when an individual not expressing nor repressing an emotion puts the emotion in a bind, so are vibes put in a bind/vacuumed when they are near/confronting a human sans the affective faculty.

  • Going very very long periods without eating. Sleeping much less. No hunger or fatigue whatsoever.

  • Came up with a funny (cos I say it is) smart ass solution to the ‘actualist I love you response dilemma’. When my daughter, son, wife, etc. tell me they love me I respond “I more than love you”. And of course I more than love them for I actually see them, I actually hear them, I actually feel them, I actually smell them, I actually taste th… her (my wife, silly). Love is worth less than actual intimacy’s pinky toe nail clipping.


“I more than love you”…this is genius :grin:


Estuve entrando poco al foro desde hace varios meses debido a que se me ha roto un nuevo disco lumbar y… de pronto me encuentro con que VOS te liberaste, @milito.paz? (Aunque tal vez pienses “No sé a quién se dirige Miguel: no hay ningún ‘VOS’ aquí…” :smile:)

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Ole ole ole ole Migueeeel Migueeeel

Che te dije que hasta los Maradonianos pueden ser libres! Bueno no me acuerdo haberte dicho eso pero pasó igual eh???

Una alegria leerte. La verdad me preguntaba “y donde carajo están los likes de Miguel? Se resintió?” Jajaja jokes jokes

Bueno loko que te mejores pronto y que la recuperación sea lo más rápida y sin complicaciones posible

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Awesome, I’m really enjoying these posts @milito.paz, What I find fascinating is the uniqueness/originality that each actually free individual demonstrates time and time again, it really comes through in your writing. It’s the complete opposite of being some enlightened master.


A couple of things that I am considering here, @milito.paz you wrote that before the 16th you were already feeling excellent for a week, was this something along the lines of an out from control virtual freedom?

Further to that was there any choice made to go into that period of excellence or was it a natural progression of the application of the method?

Also the event on the 17th when ‘you’ disappeared for good, did altruism play any role? I remember Vineeto writing that the common theme for all who became free was a desire to get close to another human being (actual intimacy) so I guess this wanting to ask the lady where she was from was the desire for intimacy and ‘you’ in the form of approach anxiety was the the thing blocking it, the solution was to end ‘you’?


What I am getting a sense for from reading your report is that there really isn’t any rules for how self-immolation comes about and looking for some system seems a waste of time.

What ‘I’ do is commit fully to allowing pure intent, then the purity and perfection eventually whisks ‘me’ away.

In order to commit fully in this way what @claudiu wrote has to completely sink in :


This sounds like a rule Kuba :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Oh my god! Inspiración en esteroides! Felicidades y gracias por todo tu reporte @milito.paz !!!


Salam milito jan .
you have no idea how happy we are .
this is such a wonderful news !
the joy and excitement for your achievement is sooooo much ,
that i hardly went to sleep last night .
i just wanted to read and read your post again and again .

congratulation’s to all of us as well as geoffrey , srinath and craige .

have you notify any actually free people about your achievements yet .


i was wondering can you read Farsi alphabet ?
با تشکر فراوان …


Salam Leila jan,
Yes I can خواهش می‌کنم :blush:
Although I must say my spoken Farsi is limited.
A joy to see the impact this news had on you. I also would like to thank you and Frank for the translation work and the helpful notes you came up with after your video calls with actually free people.
Be kind to yourself and go for it!
Like Geoffrey says in his report there is no reason for anybody not to join!

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