I asked ChatGPT about actual freedom

Me: “Tell me about actualfreedom”


"Actual Freedom is a philosophy and a set of practices that focus on achieving a state of complete freedom from suffering and the causes of suffering. It is based on the teachings of the Buddha, as well as the insights and experiences of modern practitioners.

According to the Actual Freedom website, the goal of Actual Freedom is to achieve “the end of suffering and the achievement of an eternal happiness and purity within this physical universe.” This is achieved through a process of self-inquiry and self-observation, as well as the cultivation of certain mental and emotional states, such as mindfulness and equanimity.

Actual Freedom practitioners believe that suffering is caused by certain patterns of thought and behavior, such as attachment, aversion, and self-centeredness. By becoming aware of and addressing these patterns, practitioners aim to free themselves from suffering and achieve lasting happiness and contentment.

It is important to note that Actual Freedom is a highly individualized practice, and what works for one person may not work for another. It is also important to approach any spiritual or philosophical practice with an open mind and to be mindful of the potential for unhealthy or harmful beliefs or practices. If you are interested in Actual Freedom or any other spiritual or philosophical practice, it is important to do your own research and to consult with trusted sources, such as qualified teachers or mental health professionals."

A few inaccuracies, but overall pretty good!

This answer was a bit better:

"Actualfreedom is a term used by a group called the Actual Freedom Trust, which is based in Australia and advocates for a philosophy that they call “actualism.” According to the Actual Freedom Trust, actualism is a form of philosophical inquiry that seeks to understand and overcome the limitations and suffering that are inherent in being human.

The group’s website states that actualism is based on the premise that the root cause of suffering and dissatisfaction in life is the “human condition,” which they define as the set of instinctive, emotional, and cognitive responses that all humans have to the world around them. According to the Actual Freedom Trust, these responses are based on instinctive animal survival mechanisms that have been inherited from our ancestors, and they often lead to negative emotions and behaviors such as fear, anger, jealousy, and aggression.

The Actual Freedom Trust claims that by using a process called “self-investigation,” individuals can become aware of these instinctive responses and overcome them, ultimately achieving a state of “actual freedom” from the limitations and suffering of the human condition. This process involves examining one’s own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a systematic and objective way, and developing new ways of responding to the world that are not based on instinctive animal survival mechanisms.

It is important to note that the Actual Freedom Trust and its philosophy of actualism are not widely recognized or accepted within mainstream philosophical or scientific communities. While some people may find the ideas and practices advocated by the Actual Freedom Trust to be helpful or insightful, it is important to approach any such philosophy or practice with a critical and open mind, and to carefully evaluate the evidence and arguments that are presented in support of it."

Hmm the first one reads like it just replaced “Buddhism” with “actual freedom” - completely off!

The second reads like somebody who didn’t fully understand Actualism summarized it for the bot’s training data and added the disclaimer at the end.

Fair on both counts!

I think I’m mostly surprised it came up with anything even in the ballpark

Yea true! Impressed that made it into the training data …

PROMPT: Who are Richard, Peter, and Vineeto in the context of actual freedom?

ANSWER: Richard, Peter, and Vineeto are individuals who have achieved a state of “actual freedom,” a term coined by Richard to describe a state of being free from the psychological and biological processes that cause suffering and self-centeredness. According to Richard, actual freedom is a unique state of consciousness that is characterized by the absence of suffering, the ability to experience the present moment fully, and the capacity for selfless action.

Richard is the individual who developed the concept of actual freedom and has written extensively about his own experiences and insights on the topic. Peter is another individual who has achieved actual freedom and has shared his experiences and insights through writing and discussions with others. Vineeto is a third individual who has achieved actual freedom and has also written about her experiences and insights. All three individuals have been involved in the development and promotion of the concept of actual freedom, and have contributed to the understanding of this unique state of consciousness.


I didn’t make it on there though :frowning:

PROMPT: What about Claudiu?

ANSWER: I’m sorry, but I do not have any information about an individual named Claudiu in the context of actual freedom. It is possible that Claudiu is another individual who has been involved in the development or promotion of the concept of actual freedom, or who has achieved a state of actual freedom and shared their experiences and insights. Without more information, I am unable to provide any further information about Claudiu.

Q : Can we use magic mushrooms to attain the above Actual Freedom ?

A : It is not recommended to use magic mushrooms or any other psychoactive substances as a means of achieving Actual Freedom or any other psychological or spiritual goal. While some people may claim that using psychoactive substances can lead to profound spiritual or psychological experiences, it is important to note that these substances can also have significant risks and side effects, and they can interfere with the effectiveness of any ongoing mental health treatment.

Additionally, Actual Freedom is not a state that can be attained through the use of external substances or experiences. It involves a process of self-exploration and personal growth that requires a consistent and sustained effort, and it is not something that can be achieved through the use of a single experience or substance. It is important to approach the pursuit of Actual Freedom or any other psychological or spiritual goal with caution and to be mindful of the potential risks and consequences of using psychoactive substances or engaging in potentially risky behaviors. It is always advisable to consult with a qualified mental health professional before making any significant changes to one’s mental health treatment or self-care practices.

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Q : How do you get back to feeling good as per the Actual Freedom Trust site ?

A : According to the Actual Freedom Trust, feeling good is a natural and inherent aspect of being human, and it is not something that we need to strive for or achieve. The organization promotes the idea that we are all inherently capable of experiencing a state of well-being and happiness that is independent of external circumstances, and that we can access this state by letting go of our negative thoughts and emotions and cultivating a state of pure consciousness.

If you are struggling with feelings of unhappiness or distress, the Actual Freedom Trust suggests that you can get back to feeling good by practicing mindfulness and self-inquiry, in which you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and work to resolve any underlying psychological issues that may be causing suffering or conflict. The organization also recommends engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment, such as hobbies, creative pursuits, and meaningful relationships, and taking care of your physical and emotional needs through self-care practices such as exercise, nutrition, and rest.

It is important to note that the views and practices promoted by the Actual Freedom Trust may not be in line with those of mainstream psychology or psychiatry, and it is always advisable to consult with a qualified mental health professional before making any significant changes to your mental health treatment or self-care practices.


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It’s dropping ‘mindfulness’ in there a lot!

Lol yes…its marrying Actualism with a bit of Buddhism it seems

It’s acting so human!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:

Holy Mary and her carpenter boyfriend, that is scary stuff. I wonder how many universities are screening for this bot, what for with the submission of assignments?

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Yes, it was just a matter of time… The way students’ progress is assessed will have to change…

The way I think of it is:

Anything that ChatGPT can generate, clearly does not require any creativity or ‘human’ intelligence – since a machine can do it.

It’s basically rote mechanical tasks, albeit very clever

So now instead of humans having to do it, we have the machine do it

Now the students / humans can use these tools as a building block, to then to the next level of things that wouldn’t be possible without it

Compare to: the time when a ‘computer’ was literally a person in a room doing the calculations that NASA scientists needed. How much faster can science progress now that that’s automated?

So too with this stuff

But the current set of people who grew up in a past era and their previously-required skills are no longer needed… are somewhat screwed lol . UBI ? ? Social credit ? ?


Methinks Tarin has fused with the matrix and the AI is dumping directly from his brain interface.
Or OpenAI fed GPT the entire DhO to make it Arhat through noting day and night like it’s space invaders.
Either way the Machine is here dudes.

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This is just personal. I asked ChatGPT about actual freedom two-three weeks ago and it didn’t even recognize the term.

(It’s been great for work though, to a certain extent)

nothing about smoking to feel good?


most of the human correspondents on the AFT did worse… :upside_down_face:

I’d take this personally! :slight_smile: