Gnomic Mutterings from the Outer Rim

Thought I’d just stick some strange ideas here taken out of my personal diaries over the years. Some more recent ones and some old (pre-AF i.e. pre-2018) - which possibly might have legs. Happy for people to riff off these, free associate and resonate (or disagree, go ‘WTF were you on dude?!!’) Please just don’t be boring and ask me what it means! :smiley:

Consider it as a seed - probably more like manure (yes manure) that may help catalyse your own discoveries.

Tunnel (2016):

When I investigate I go through all these little emotional tunnels. Once I squeeze myself into all these dark, anxious tunnels, through those 'pinch points’ and sit there for a while, the tunnels collapse. It was my reaction (my aaargh!) that made the tunnel in the first place. Of course the network of tunnels doesn’t disappear, but by collapsing a few I get closer to realising the entire network can disappear. The network is more fragile than it looks.


Power (2016) (If I could cringe, I would)

Power as the emergent property of a perceived disparity
There might be a real disparity or distance covered over by the emotion that gives the power differential its pungent flavour
There are strong musky power games in men
Sharp tangy power games with women
Booming tuba-like power games with institutions
Take it all to the core stuff
My need for man love
My need for woman love
My need for peer love
Need to belong
Love and inflation above others
That’s all I am


Things (2017)

Can I become friends with things?

I really like this one! more plz :grinning:


these are like a jewel for me Dear srinath , as Kuba saying it : more please more , whenever you have spare time :smiley: although it took me a while , figuring out/ searching for the words .

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That’s just delicious :smile:
Who needs actual caring when this is the case?

I absolutely like these raw streams put into words! Cool idea!


Things (2020)

See a thing as a you, a thou – and not an it
Nothing is dead matter
Everything is a singular presence and not a dry example of a category
Trees, cats, slippers become you tree, you cat, you slipper
I am then surrounded by friends
The world is a friendly place


This vibrates naivete. Such a fun & exciting topic for me!

I’m assuming you chose quips that align with the actual world, but do you have any reflections on these looking back?

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this one really helped me in an unimaginable way Dear Srinath …

Going by the date (2020) means you wrote this one post Actual Freedom right?

“friendly slippers” :smiley: I know what that refers to ! ! ! in certain EEs everything seems alive , ‘popping’ and friendly. benevolent universe indeed :slight_smile: it is ‘as if’ they are conscious entities… but they aren’t of course… but they are not ‘dead’ either lol. but its like, the car likes to be driven… the food likes to be eaten… things ‘like’ doing what they do… even tho no consciousness of course


i am translating these for Ehsan , he is very excited to read them . it is really interesting that for men’s power your mind picked " musky " , and for women 's tangy … …
google definition for musk :
A musky smell might make you close your eyes and smile, or it might make you leave a room. Either way, it’s a very strong and sweet odor that’s hard to ignore.

tangy is “An intensely piercing sweet and sour impression along the sides of the tongue.”…

I do not know if there is any thread on this site, that Srinath and Geoffry have written anything about their direct experience , now that their mind have become aware of itself.
for me , It’s like a new and magical telescope has come on the market , something that we don’t know much about it .or maybe my questions is because I haven’t had any PCEs yet …

i read something from Richard : "I am this very air that I take in and out ?? "… i like to know what do they experience ? for example when
they reach their hand towards the glass and bring it close to their mouth ? … How is it?

I know that talking about these things will not help me to do the method, but it will be very exciting and motivating for me and maybe others that has just came to this path …

Richard says : " It will have to be lived to find out."

but i want to know it before hand :smiley:


That is a pretty incredible thing to contemplate actually, I never thought about it this way.
When I read this I saw a picture in my mind of air hitting the lungs and the gaseous exchange happening immediately, the oxygen hitting the blood and all of a sudden a chemical process generating energy within the cells, leading to what me call ‘life’. And nowhere in this is there a separation, and where in this is some apparently static, stable entity called ‘me’.

And what a tragedy indeed that this ‘me’ is forever separated from being that incredible, dynamic thing called actuality :dizzy_face:


Just now @leila’s shaking tree post reminded me of something I wanted to write about the other day, after contemplating @Srinath’s ‘can I be friends with things’ and also my post about the air going in.

I was driving and talking to @Sonyaxx about the above and really marvelling at how incredible this universe is.

I started thinking about the fact that we feel this universe to be a dead thing and that actually it is alive, not sentient but alive.

I started looking for evidence for this to make a point to Sonya and I started looking at the trees blowing in the wind.

I said to Sonya, how can we call this universe dead, the trees are moving in the wind, there is no god behind the scenes making them move, no puppet master pulling the strings and yet it is all actually happening, of its own accord.

It clicked then, I had my evidence, it was so clear. I saw this universe as this infinite organism that is evidently dynamic and yet it is not being moved by anyone.

What more concrete proof could I have that it is alive :flushed: and this ‘energy’ that IS the movement is gentle, friendly, it is all around, what we call pure intent.

Writing it out tho it’s really one of them ‘you had to be there’ experiences :joy:


@Kub933 is gonna start making friends with rocks soon :slight_smile:


i have collected a lot of pines since i have read Srinath’s PCEs writings , small rocks also are the best friends ever…, some of them smell amazing like the combination of soil and water ( smell of rain!) :slightly_smiling_face:


My first PCE was only like 20 odd seconds but the pavement I was walking on was full of little stones. They just blew my mind…the shapes…positions…colours. textures…how the light reflected or scattered. It was mind blowingly awesome.