Alien sighting confirmed?

Did anyone see the alien yesterday? It was very alien-looking. It gave off alien vibes. I think it was evaluating whether it could eat me


Aye, that was me. I should have used my alien vibe deodorant before I left the house. Damn! I am embarrassed. I eat only chocolate snails.

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Too many discussions about vibes here lately. I feel like we might have to appoint a censor soon enough (sorry, I’ve been reading about Roman customs during the republic a bit more closely lately) :amphora:

By the way, were the romans actually aliens?

I’m currently dating someone who believes in aliens, this thread is triggering me, can we get a mod to lock it up???

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The mods are currently unavailable – they had to go back to the mothership to replenish their internal fluids

Your query will be reviewed with utmost dispatch as soon as they return

Conspiratorial people will whisper on internet:

“Did you see the Actualists forum?
Go to the Aliens topic.
THAT is the real goal of them: to dominate us, disguised as actual freedom. Actual freedom my a**” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The mods have returned — they’ve confirmed there’s no discussion happening on this forum about any aliens. It is safe to return to your normal routines. Repeat, we have confirmation of there being no alien discussion, not to mention aliens, on this forum.

Have a pleargult day.

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It always surprises me when rational people dismiss aliens. I get 99% if not 100% of sightings are hoax but the concept of visitation and cohabitation while remaining invisible isn’t looney in anyway. Take our current next generation ideas a la quantum computing and AI and apply them to aliens. Suddenly it’s not far fetched at all.

by that line of reasoning it’s not far fetched that we live in a virtual reality either…of course both may be possible as is the old brain in a vat scenario…

I guess not


I would figure there’s life in this universe, somewhere, since it’s so big. But in my day-to-day, I don’t encounter aliens nor have I ever. Hence no need to believe they exist. Nor a need to believe they don’t. It just isn’t on my radar as something important or interesting.

What sort of ideas do we have in this arena?

I have a similar view that it would be quite un-surprising if there’s life out there somewhere, Richard shared a similar view when I spoke with him.

Where it gets dicey is ‘alien life here on earth,’ what I personally see is that there’s a ton of overlap between the ways alien encounters are described, and common fear-hallucination fodder - eg, ‘late at night, fear states, being closely examined, a greater power from another dimension,’ etc etc. which I personally see as the most sensible / likely option for most if not all such encounters.

Obviously we do have things like the recent military video releases to make us wonder what’s up, but that by itself doesn’t mean ‘aliens,’ it just means there are lots of strange & unexplained things happening. This is a problem I see in common with philosophy as well, where the information going in might be good/valid/useful, but there tends to be quite a bit of free license to jump to conclusions.

AI and quantum computing. Also, nanotech.

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I mean - - what sort of things are emerging from those fields that suggest we’ll be able to explore/traverse the universe exponentially faster than we are now? Genuinely curious.

All 3 fields are in their infancy. Developments have occurred that you can research. It’s not my cup of tea but I read some articles here and there. I think there was a headline just today from the Google camp. But I’m talking about the promise of these fields. Processing speeds 10^6 faster than we have currently by taking advantage of waves. Programs that learn on their own. And computers the size of a dust particle. No one knows if these things are possible. But if they are then the designers could launch a particle or multiple particle sized computers at light speed to a distant solar system and use the resources of that system to build a probe and then convey information back to a base at light speed via the same particle sized nano-tech that got them there. The question is is quantum computing possible and how small can a computer get. AI seems pretty possible. That seems to be more a question of energy consumption and modeling than the laws of physics. After all we have living proof that it’s physically possible, our own brains. At any rate, my point is is that we have already begun the research and development stage of all three. It’s not some campground ‘what if there are wormholes’ type speculation.


If we take David’s word, so far the evidence is:

  1. Other Air Force Perssonel telling David about crashed objects of exotic origin and alien pilots
  2. Confidential documents in his possession that report on alien crafts and pilots

As soon as I began pushing my head into the alien rabbit hole, the less and less comfortable I was with my opinions. In that space, ime, all the intelligent people are the sceptics. And only those who those who have no discernment are the enthusiasts. Plus there are a lot of charlatans feeding off the latter. They provide the space with a QAnon feel. They all claim to have inside info and constantly teasing an update. But it’s always a nothing burger. Yet the enthusiasts are never turned off. If there’s UAF/UFO in the headline then they’ll eat it up no matter the source. Personally, if there are hard data cases, I’d expect them to be front and center. But in the Reddit space that is plugged into my feed, no hard data cases are ever discussed. That makes me think they must not exist. But my ear remains to the ground somewhat. Still got that reddit feed to keep me up to date.