Alan’s next experiment

Last night I had a video chat with a couple of other actualists. Not only was it enjoyable and fun, it seems I had the same experience as Vineeto during it:

“I remember clearly one day sitting in a circle of 5 friends, utterly relaxed despite the fact that I had never met one of them in person, and I noticed that I had no personal agenda whatsoever, no plan to stir the conversation into a particular direction, nothing to emphasize or hide, no self-centredness or favouritism, no shame, shyness, embarrassment, no power or drive – I was just being myself as I was. I sat in this group, as one of many, and my sole interest was that everyone present (including me as one of those present) enjoyed themselves/ obtained the maximum benefit from our meeting.”
The Actual Freedom Trust Mail Out - Subscriber 05

As a result, I have suggested meeting on a regular basis, possibly inviting more participants. Yes, yet again I am suggesting get togethers (video optional) :rofl:

As we are spread all over the globe time differences can make things tricky but we’ve always managed before.

If anyone is interested in participating please leave details here – time zone and most likely days/times to join in.

I should add that given my current diagnosis and chemo treatment I may not be able to participate at very short notice (others could of course continue). Also the condition I experienced during last nights conversation may not happen readily, if at all.

The “me as one of those present” was very important and confirmed to me that it was the real McCoy and not the ‘group leader’ attempting to lead. Both participants know me well enough to know if I attempt to do this and one is an expert :wink:

I’m interested and I’m in the PST timezone. I think if we had a routine time with one or two ‘moderators/hosts’ then that’d let people plan for it better. People could stop by as their schedule permits.

And by moderator I simply mean someone willing to run or host a room on a regular / consistent basis - - which honestly may be too much to expect.

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Cheers Ed.

LOL If we get sufficient interested to have one get together I’ll be pleased.

I’d be interested given sufficient time, CET zone.

This is also where I think Discord (the app, not this forum) might be a good candidate.

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I can try and drop in. Although between my schedule and these crazy time zones, it can only be occasional

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Thanks, Emp and Srinath

Here we are using the GMT or UTC−3 time zone (by the way: it would be better to communicate our time zone in UTC, for easier comparison).

So, I will be glad to HEAR you all :smiley:

I’m familiar with Discord, but it might be better/simpler for most to use Meet or Zoom. The meeting hosted by @geoffrey on Zoom went technically very well, access was straightforward with no logins, etc.

@Alanji I hope the chemo is working mate, my father when through it in the 90s. Would love to chat sometime. As always i am gmt +8

Looking good. Here is a spreadsheet showing time zones of those who might be interested. Feel free to play but not with formulas please - yellow background only. About 2100 gmt looks about best though probably rules you out Andrew. We can set up another one to include you. Or did you want to have a one to one?

Maybe we can have a poll once participants are decided.
Can we do polls on here?

Yes, the option is in the gear:


I’m interested. Eastern Standard Time-UTC 5. Thanks Miguel…that helped me figure it out. :slight_smile:

Right, because it also depends on exactly where you are (and when) in the Eastern Time Zone. Maybe this helps:

EDT stands for “Eastern Daylight Time” and it’s the time that is used in some parts of North America during the spring and the summer. In contrast, EST is the abbreviation of “Eastern Standard Time”, and North Americans live in accordance with it in the fall and the winter.
Both EDT and EST refer to the Eastern Time Zone that covers a number of American states, as well as Ontario, Quebec, and Nunavut of Canada. From the first Sunday of November until the second Sunday of March, all these locations follow EST. And on the second Sunday of March, the clocks are switched to EDT.

It’s Florida/Cancun time on the spreadsheet. GMT -5.

Thanks Miguel, that was easy.

Which would suit you better - a weekday or weekend poll at 2100 GMT

  • Weekday
  • Weekend
  • Either

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DO you have a preference for the platform (select all that you can use).

  • Discord
  • Zoom
  • Facebook
  • What’sApp
  • Slack
  • Meet
  • Hangouts=
  • Other

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Hey Alan, hope the chemo is going okay.

I would be interested, mainly if an actually free person is able to attend. Also would be great to get some advanced notice (like a day at least).

I can do any day at that time (2100 GMT) would be 8am Sydney and 7am Brisbane I believe.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Looks like a get together on zoom this weekend is best. Let’s give it a try. Suggested time

GMT (London) 2100
Los Angeles 1300
Florida/Cancun 1600
CET 2200
Perth 0500
Sydney 0800

Which day suits best:

  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • I can’t do Friday
  • I can’t do Saturday
  • I can’t do Sunday

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If we did Sat then that’d be Sunday in Perth I believe. So if we did Sun, it’d be Mon there and they may have to get ready for work.