Adam B's Journal

Hello all,

This is Adam Bieber. Wish I could change my username to Adam but I picked mine on a whim. If there is anyway to do that, please let me know.

I thought I would begin a journal because while I am not too fond of replying on threads, Actualism is still of great interest to me. I put it on the back burner (and continue to do so) for the last few years because I have material desires that are extremely strong and I want to fulfill. I realized that I must fulfill these desires, some very practical but I think a journal is a great way for me to discuss my thoughts and experiences regarding life, the universe, and actualism.

I have had a handful of PCE’s and see those experiences as what is possible.

So, I will start my first journal entry musing on happiness. For a long while, I placed a high bar on happiness maybe confusing it with delight. Now, I see that happiness is more in line with simple consistent contentment and pleasure and the absence of sorrow and malice. I see it as more attainable as such.

I also find this “Unless one is willing to contemplate being happy and being harmless, virtually free of malice and sorrow, 99% of the time” line from Richard to be a thrilling challenge.

Pure intent has always been my strongest “skill” or better yet stable companion. I can use it to be happy and harmless more often. As a reread lines on the actualism website, I have new realizations that seem to come from more life experience.



Thanks for the intro Adam!

It is done! Both adam and adamb were taken though. Lmk if you want to change it.

And: welcome back!

A helpful distinction for me was to distinguish between happiness as a passion and happiness as a mood. It’s impossible to be passionately happy for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But to maintain it as a matter of mood and even eventually character, is eminently attainable.

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What if you allow it to start to take over the reins a bit?

Good to hear from you! I’ve been wondering about you for a while now.