About the Journals category

This category is for those who want to keep a journal of their progression and to invite discussion about what they’re experiencing, investigating, and contemplating.

The general idea is for each person to have their own post where they write continuous updates about what’s going on with them with regards to their actualism practice – both successes and failures, insights and stuck-points. This being a public forum, these topics invite other actualists to post advice as they see fit.

This is distinct from the Actualism category which is more about specific questions, objections, or discussion about particular experiences, as opposed to a continuous stream of day-to-day updates.


I like it.

If you and/or @Kub933 decide to participate in this category, perhaps you could start your respective journals with a copy of the posts in which each of you introduced yourselves

It seems to me that “Journals” would be a good category for others to also add at the beginning of their diaries how they came to AF with the tag “Introduction” in their first post (you @Felix could add your personal story too, if you think it’s ok).

I think I will do that soon because I was looking for a place (since Slack) to put together in one place a bit of my history (basically what I wrote in my first email to Alan and to Richard), the translations of some of my PCEs, EEs and fragments of my own diary that might be useful to others.

I think I found the place

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I will have a think about this because I get a feeling that I wouldn’t sustain much of a Journal. I am pretty sporadic with posting, for me its usually when something significant grabs my interest as opposed to consistent updates. Usually if something grabs my interest I like to post in the general section so that it can spark a bit of a discussion too.

A journal implicates a daily posting? Because if not I would love to read your experiencies from time to time.

No, it does not imply daily posts, nor any other regular interval if not wanted. For example @Felix in his diary (Felix's Diary) writes when he wants, but he can still keep such writings in a single topic (over years, if he wants), uninterrupted by other topics (which was not possible in Slack).

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Yeah it’s a great feature. I can write as much as I want, knowing I am not likely to bother anyone or clog things up :slight_smile:

Seems like the category is working well :slight_smile: