Why does Richard bother with the extremely recalcitrant types?

I am putting this in the water cooler, because I don’t want anyone to confuse me with someone who knows what they are talking about concerning actualism.

I have no secret knowledge, and what I am writing is purely speculative.

So, I am seeing how thick the narcissistic traits are in me. Which, comes with seeing it in others.

What is narcissism?

I intellectually thought I knew. Isn’t it about pride? About vanity? Usually those who are attractive, or powerful, are called narcissistic. It’s a buzz word these days in social media. Thousands of YouTube videos talking about it.

However, it’s popular conception doesn’t even line up with psychology. Which, being a vast subject, I will only mention in passing.

In war, if the aim is to actually win, as apposed to all the other reasons war happens (ethnic tension, straight up nationalism, economic dominance etc), the quickest and most effective move is to take out the leadership.

Kill the leader(s) > win the war.

It’s an extreme statement, considering what I called this thread, and obviously implies that the broken, confused and otherwise lamentable state that a “troll” is in is the “leadership” of the human condition.

Hear me out though; it is exactly that. Edit: IMO.

The “leadership” of the human condition is the resilience of the ‘self’ to preserve itself no matter what.

No matter how many die as a result, no matter what depravity ensues, no matter what good is done. All is in service to the continuation of ‘self’.

Imagine what would happen if a “extremely recalcitrant type” i.e. me, or anyone else who has trolled actualism over the years actually broke through the narcissism of ‘self’?

It’s the end of the ultimate excuse. That hallowed sorrow fuelling the rage of humanity.

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A lot of this has come about from a couple of weeks being deeply interested in the history of music, especially Nirvana.

I actually wrote a song about the suicide of Ian Curtis and Kurt Cobain maybe 15 years ago.

After reaching the pinnacle of popular success and wealth; Imagine hanging yourself? Putting a shotgun in your mouth?

What could drive someone to do this?

I have had suicidal ideations for most of my life. Dying always seemed the ultimate way of gaining sympathy. To show “them” that I was worth better treatment.

However, having two brothers who did exactly that (Edit: and a second cousin who did it a few weeks back), and being still here, the diabolical truth is no one cares and they are glad you are dead.

Competition is king in the psyche. One less person to contend with is always better for ‘me’.

Confessing that, is revealing the cause of shame; I* know deep down that given the chance, I* am just a few degrees away from being everything despicable about humanity.

*Edit: changed “me” to “I”. There is no way I can actually verify that there isn’t in reality good and bad people.

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So, back to the topic; why has it always been so much of Richard’s MO to carefully, patiently and with extraordinary detail, interact with “extremely recalcitrant types”?

Isn’t it the received wisdom to not “feed them”?

Indeed, wasn’t it the idea earlier in the year that “getting the word out” was best done targetting those who were supposedly best suited to “enjoy and appreciate”?

It’s been my experience of life that those best enjoying themselves have no interest in questions that Actualism answers.

It’s the vast “middle” who seem content with moving through the stages of life with sentimental connection and conciliatory justification of their innate goodness.

One may as well be trying to convince the dead to rise from the grave.

However, the “extremely recalcitrant types” , whom have made up the majority of the AFT conversations (I haven’t done the numbers; that’s an impression) have indeed been interested.

Whilst Alan was still alive, there was a few ridiculous conversations about being the “first” at something. Some pivotal “first”, someone who “burst the bubble”

I wonder if it’s actually a thing? Can you imagine the impact of someone with such a psyche actually understanding?

I was a very unpleasant recalcitrant type. A dangerous one, because of the intelligence that ‘i’ control. Few will remember, if any, just how dangerous I was.

It’s staggering to me that Richard and Vineeto were open to meeting with me.

So what I got from your first post - troll is the leader of ‘humanity’ as in they are the expression of the most recalcitrant identities, the ones that harbour and reinforce the most insidious beliefs that keep the whole rot going, it’s interesting for sure.

I guess in addressing the troll what Richard is doing is ‘attacking’ the belief itself, the troll just happens to be the messenger. The method of ‘attack’ is to point out the facts.

Richard was pretty clear in his intention when going public, and it was to ruthlessly expose the beliefs that have held humankind captive. So inevitably the most faithful minions of reality were the first point of contact haha.

Title and posts edited.

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I should flesh this out a bit more.

The average person, indeed me too, believes themselves to be essentially “good”.

I have stories about how I miss my brothers. Which is true, but it’s not the whole story. There was always jealousy. Competition. Malice.

I admit this for the benefit of actually exploring this territory.

Freud even talks about this aspect of the psyche, and in this he is in agreement with Richard; the psyche is essentially very dangerous at it’s core. A brutal killer without conscience. The individual isn’t born with a “conscience”, one must be installed. If that installation is too defective, there is hell to pay. Thankfully, even a “half-assed” installation works the majority of the time.

Yet, underneath, the killer is still there. Seething, looking for what it can get at any cost. This is what is observed when groups get together; war.

Pretending that there wasn’t animosity towards my brothers (and indeed everyone else), would be dishonest.

Exposing myself, that is, exposing my essentially malicious core nature, seems to be quite a journey.

A decade and counting it would seem.

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I actually wrote a second verse to a song last week, one which had been a single idea for a long time.

“They treat you like it’s a sin to be alive,
Then make you out how they want when you die”.

I won’t speak about anyone else in relation to my brothers.

I can speak about how the world made Kurt into what they wanted when he died.

Him and so many of the famous suicides, right up to and including Jesus, are this twisted veneration which not only ignores the role that everyone plays in these deaths, but makes the dead into some sort of saint.

Humans love making saints out of people; because we have full control over that image.

I think it’s just as simple as demonstrating to those for whom it isn’t obvious already, that the trolls have absolutely zero ground to stand on, not even a hint of a whiff of having an inkling of anything relating to something that might approach a valid point concerning a potential criticism of actualism and actual freedom.

It’s far more effective than moderation – but takes a lot more time, skill and energy also.

But you get some fun stuff out of it like the Commonly Raised Objections – Anti-Peace Hall of Fame :grin: .

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