Why are so many actualists good at coding and/or computer stuff

First of all, I am amazed how quickly this site has got up and running. Awesome work to everyone who has contributed and is still working on it or moderating. It’s easy to use, has made our group discussions way better and the LOOK - I am absolutely in love with haha.

This is not really a serious topic per se but I was wondering why it is that so many of the people into actualism have some sort of coding or website building background. I even changed to a career in digital since “discovering” actualism :rofl:. And I mean even the AFT were early on the website bandwagon and I’m pretty sure learnt HTML and everything.

Is it something to do with being highly analytical perhaps? Or is it the way people are discovering the site or something…it seems like there is a definite correlation which I find curious :smiley:

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Actualists (that I know of - please feel free to add to this list) who have some level of proficiency with websites or in IT/digital: Richard, Srinath, Srid, Miguel, Claudiu, Emp, Craig, Shashank, myself, Solvann, rasengan, Son_Of_Bob, John (Carpe Vitae)…im sure im missing people here.

You missed me lol. I am a developer.

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My friend who introduced me to Actualism, he was a coder too and he taught me how to code back in high school.

Haha sorry man, added!

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Haha yeah I have wondered this also, I am personally pretty useless with anything past basic computer skills but a lot of the guys here seem like wizards. Definitely agree that this site is awesome in many ways and went up in no time. This is like Richard’s super effective gardening fuelled only by pure intent :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m bad at tech, except when compared to my mother, so not among the techeratti unfortunately :cry: I’m guessing a lot of niche online forums will have a high dev count. Wonder what the Dharma Overground percentage is? High, too I suspect :slightly_smiling_face:

This is like Richard’s super effective gardening fuelled only by pure intent

Wait… what is it about Richard’s gardening? Are you saying that he could actually grow stuff? Damn. I have way further to go. :grin:

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