Who/what is the doer?

Other teachings/traditions that deal with the “removal” of the false self (ego) often mention that ultimately there is no-self & therefore there is no doer. The things are being done by themselves. There is NO practice whatever that would bring “us” closer to the desired state (in this case it is actual freedom) since there is NONE who would reach that state. They also make clear that the choice is an illusion. Usually it is “awareness/universe/absolute” what “moves” the person(laity) to the so called enlightened state.

However, from Richard’s journal: “The universe doesn’t force anyone to be happy and harmless, to live in peace and ease, to be free of sorrow and malice. It is a matter of personal choice as to which way one will travel.”

Actualism removes the ego and the soul. Since there is “nothing” left one could identify with, who/what is the cause of the process, especially at the beginning?

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In this regard, I think actualism is clear: it is the identity itself that must drive the task. These are some of the typical quotes that come to mind in relation to this agency:

RESPONDENT: In view of this definition, do you think it might be useful to inquire ‘how is this moment being experienced …’ versus ‘how am I experiencing this moment …’? Or it does not matter?

RICHARD: It does not matter … what is vital is to get an on-going enquiry going each moment again. Such a ‘hands-on’ approach – an ‘on the job’ examination instead of ‘armchair philosophising’ – has such potent efficacy that rapid results are the order of the day.
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RICHARD: […] There was no need for a Supernatural Agency all along. The ‘Human Condition’ is such that it can readily respond to the do-it-yourself method; the ability is within the human character to fix things up for itself.
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RICHARD: It is important not to view ‘I’ and/or ‘me’ as an enemy – blind nature is the culprit – and to be friends with yourself … only you live with yourself twenty four hours a day. Coopt any aspect of yourself as an ally in this investigation into the human psyche … eventually ‘I’ come to realise that the very best thing that ‘I’ can do is altruistically ‘self’-immolate for the benefit of this body and all bodies.
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And, of course, self-immolation implies that there is a self driving/enabling the process, even when/if the self feel/sense the universe “pushing”/“pulling” it until the very moment it ceases to exist:

Taking that step ‘I’ then willingly and with intent gave myself permission to allow the universe to pull me forward ever more strongly into the hitherto entirely unknown territory that lay between me and the ultimate goal. (…).
Out-from-Control, Different Way of Being

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This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

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