Who’s Online Plugin

As some users also requested, I have just installed the Who’s Online plugin.

It displays a list of users currently active on the forum and also a user’s online status on their avatar with a “ring”, “glow”, or a “flair” icon in the top left. For instance:


Again, If you like provide your feedback and thoughts here.

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I turned on the option displaying the user status in the latest topics column of the main page, and in the posts.

I actually thought it was nice this forum didn’t have this feature. Am I the only one? :slight_smile:

I think @claudiu and others want to see how it works in tandem with the chat plugin, so it’s good to get feedback like yours. Do you want to elaborate more on why you prefer the forum not to have it, or there is not much to add?

I don’t mind it, but I can’t say I like it.
I only understand the relevance of this plugin in the context of a chat.
As it is now, I see only drawbacks.
As far as I see there is no opt-out option, like a “stay invisible” box to check. If there is such an option, it’s too hard to find hahaha. Most people won’t bother.
As such what it does is pushing people (who don’t necessarily want everybody to know that they’re checking this forum everytime they happen to click on the browser tab) not to log in.
They thus lose notifications (well, for those who don’t use an iPhone anyway lol), they lose preferences, they have to scroll down every time they open a thread…
This is bound to decrease participation imo.

Let’s say someone like Richard, for example, wanted to check what’s happening in here. Maybe he’d create an account, you know, in order to get notifications.
But we have this plugin in place. So let’s say Richard has just created his account, and… he’s already right there, on the top left of the screen, for everybody to see…
Let’s make an hypothetical character, and have some fun…

  • OMG Richard is here. Omg. Is he reading my stuff? Is he gonna react? What’s he doing?.. No, he’s gone!.. Wait, he’s back!.. Richard!.. He’s here!.. Maybe I could ask a quick question… Yeah, since he’s here… Why is he not answering? Is there something wrong with my question?.. He’s right there I can see him!.. He must have read it… Doesn’t he care?.. And now he’s gone again!.. Will he come back?.. Is he thinking about it?.. Was it my question that made him leave?.. Wtf is happening?.. He’s back! But if he’s there then he sees that I’m here too, right there on the top left of the screen… Does he think I’m waiting for his answer?.. Am I putting pressure on him?.. Damn how does that look?.. Does he KNOW I’m going through all this breakdown right now?.. What does he think about me then?.. Damn, let’s log out right now!..

And soon, everybody is logged out. Including Richard. Lol.

Well as there are two people who prefer not to have the plug-in, strongly enough to post about it, and as I was the one who suggested it and now after trying it, I don’t have a strong preference for keeping it, I’ve disabled the plug-in :smiley: .

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OK :smiley:

It’s clear that when actual freedom is attained, it’s not forgotten what it is like to be a feeling being :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: