What's the difficulty?

What makes it difficult to practise actualism given that it’s so simple–be happy? Be happy, that’s all.

(With the caution that let yourself be happy instead of you trying to be happy)

What makes it difficult is ‘me’! All my years of social conditioning, on top of the aggressive , fearful , desirous and nurturing passions that are what I am. There are many and varied piles of justifications for why I should feel this way and that way instead of enjoying and appreciating being alive!

But it’s ok, one starts where one is at.


Justifications is a good word

I suppose this has been said before but I think that simplicity is often confused with ease.

Chess instructions/rules, and instructions/rules about how to drive a car at high speed are simple (straightforward, not very intricate); but playing chess consistently well, or driving a car consistently well at high speed are not easy tasks (both require a lot of effort, repetition, adapting the same instructions/concepts to different conditions, expertise).

Although at the risk of oversimplifying the subject and of the analogies not being perfect, I think that AF instructions and concepts ultimately tend to be simple (straightforward, not very intricate); but applying them well and consistently is not easy task.