What happened to the chat?

I’ve missed months of discussion as for some reason I was kicked out of the Zulip chat. For some reason I couldn’t get back in so I thought it was disbanded or something. Then I found on the AFT website a link to the Slack chat, which then led me here. Any updates? Any new actually free people?

Srid killed the Zulip chat and all the history was lost

The AFT has been linking to Slack for a while, I e-mailed Vineeto to update the link to here but no reply yet

We have multiple independent backups of this (actually I think just me and Miguel have set it up), and I own the server it’s on, so very minimal chance of another loss of data :slight_smile:

Then welcome [back], @cross.chrono!

Oh hmm any reason why he killed the Zulip chat?


@cross.chrono r u trying to test everyone’s actualism ability with such a potentially triggering post? :joy::joy::joy:

haha I didn’t even know the topic was triggering as I’ve been out of the loop for quite a while.

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i guess you had to be there…

Hi, @henryyyyyyyyyy. As you see, your deleted post it’s still a post :grimacing:. It’s just a Discourse feature that can’t be changed yet.
Were you in Slack, in Zulip or none?

Hey @miguel!

I was on slack, then on zulip, then on slack again, and now I find you all here :slight_smile:

Good to see discussion ongoing, this format seems nice as well - organized, where slack sometimes seemed fast-paced & disorganized.

Oh, then it’s great that you have found the group again! :ok_hand:

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