What happened to Peter?

Why doesn’t he write anymore? Where did he move to? Also, and this is weird, does anyone here remember a person who visited Richard claiming to see Richard dragging a woman by her hair across the floor? I’m not saying I believe it but it’s been bugging me where that came from and yeah I know it sounds crazy. Anyhow, hope all of you amazing people are doing well!

Yeah I also remember reading this so you didn’t imagine it haha.

It was the “report” of someone who was immensely jealous of Richard. Whatever actually transpired, was reported through the lenses of jealousy.

The same person accused him of many things, all the while making it seem he was present, when it was definitively discussed on yahoo that he was not.

A liar, especially a jealous one, is the perfect vehicle for spreading not only malicious innuendo, but outright fabrication; it is par for the Modus Operandi, hence “Liar”.

Hi Alexander,

There was indeed a “mother of all kerfuffles”[1] on the Yahoo! mailing list surrounding these topics, with many rumours and accusations of all sorts swirling about.

The following e-mail by Richard is a good summary of what those all amounted to:

I was participating actively at the time and it was impossible to miss how No. 5 completely and utterly failed to actually provide any of those so-called “reports”. Thus it was unambiguously clear to me that they actually had nothing to go on. Richard’s follow-up email around six months serves as a source for those who weren’t active on the group at the time:

My conclusion about all that went on at the time: it was evidently an ill-intentioned/malicious smear campaign, specifically intended to call actualism and actual freedom into question (and thus divert people away from it), based upon an ultimately unreliable source that had amply proven their unreliability in publicly posted e-mails (such as, for example, using sock-puppets and making a post ghoulishly impersonating Richard’s dead ex-wife (!)) as well as their malice / lack of care and consideration (such as, for example, doxxing Richard by publicly posting his last name and health record numbers etc.).

As the source was thoroughly discredited, I ultimately saw no need to dig into it enough to find out the base facts of the situation for myself – besides being time-consuming it may well be impossible as it would rely on talking to various people some of which themselves had already revealed their deceptive and malicious intentions and thus would also be unreliable narrators, besides which it would require people involved to share intimate details of a private nature with me.

On top of all this, my personal interactions with Richard and Vineeto resolved for me beyond any doubt that actual freedom was what they said it was in practice of how an actually free person behaves, and the ample PCEs and EEs I’ve had since then have experientially confirmed that the actual world does exist, that the universe is indeed intrinsically benign and benevolent (i.e. harmless and thus not malicious), and that to be actually free is to be that benevolence and benignity, personified.


  1. RICHARD: In order to explain just what the recent kerfuffle, on this and other online forums, stems from – and this latest kerfuffle is currently shaping up to be the mother of all kerfuffles so far [emphasis added by Claudiu] – I will first draw attention to the following: […] [source]

  2. • [Respondent]: […] how about, instead of expecting other people to answer to YOU, you answer to them dogs balls. because churning out your ‘oh look how impressive i am! i can do Pali Canon research’ looks fucking sick while those issues remain unaddressed. get tapping NOW! it needs to be ‘in writing’ so witnesses of your actual behaviour can, in the future, confirm or deny. because so far, none of your sycophants have come out and denied those reports. NO one! [emphasis added] ↩︎

  3. From: Respondent No. 29
    Date: Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:23 am
    Subject: Re: Privacy vs. Public Interest

    • [Richard to No. 29]: G’day No. 29, ‘Tis fascinating to see that your phantom ‘Richard’ is ‘sitting on their neck’ (i.e. the neck of a phantom ‘someone’).
    Whereas, for instance, [No. 5 (Sock Puppet ‘H’)] has his phantom ‘Richard’ sitting on a terrified phantom woman’s chest (as well as horrifying his phantom visitors by squeezing her phantom throat till she is ‘breathless’). […]
    So, it is up to you, now.

    • [Respondent No. 29]: Indeed. You have clearly stated that it was all a smear campaign and lies. [No. 4] has said he has not witnessed any of it. That other person doesn’t want to get into all of this again. [No. 4] has also said now that according to him that [‘VET-NET-AUSTRALIA’] article was written by you. You have not denied or confirmed it but have said you suffered greater breakdowns than PTSD. And explained how sanity is the problem and insanity is not the solution.
    So its up to me to process all of this and decide my course of action.
    Ain’t live grand?!
    Cheers! ↩︎

Thanks for that very detailed response. I never put any stock in that story but it’s been so long ago I wanted to confirm I hadn’t dreamed it up. I do remember there being some nutty people on the old forms always trying to stir the pot. There was this one guy who basically did a UG Krishnamurti impersonation and was there solely to disagree with everything Richard said. And I also have a memory of Richard saying his ex-wife was intentionally trying to thwart the spread of AF through some sort of psychic means. Ha, AF is so down to earth but it really brought out the crazy in some people.

But still, what happened to Peter?

Hi Alexander,

I emailed Vineeto to ask about Peter so I could give a full answer. She wrote this reply to you:




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