Welcome Actualings!

I have never used discourse so I am just playing around. Seems easy enough so far. Definitely think a chat and a forum could be the way to go…maybe.

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Not sure I can see the difference between chat and forum. They both seem to be live.

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Hi, I’m here too. It’s identical (same software) to some forums in which I participate.

I’l write the same in Slack, but to take the opportunity to use the “Replay” ( :blush:): the problem going both ways at the same time is that participants do not ultimately tend to use TWO platforms to do the same thing (exchange ideas, in this case). It simply takes too much time. They end up choosing one and the other is abandoned…

Only thing is we really don’t have enough membership to split it between chat in Slack and forum here. I can’t see how that would work. Yeah, I’m getting used to this!

Can you guys see the Staff and Lounge categories like I can?Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 10.08.01 pm

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Yes, I can.
I wrote this as a “Reply” and gave you a like

@Miguel hmm you can see those categories on the front page? that’s odd i think it shouldn’t be visible to you – based on their descriptions

incidentally i saw the forum has a ‘live notify to reply’ feature — seems that can make it very slack-like indeed

Oh, let’s see again…

This is what I see:


Now I see that’s not exactly what @Srinath saw. Is it right then?

incidentally i saw the forum has a ‘live notify to reply’ feature — seems that can make it very slack-like indeed

Oh, yes. In my case I use to have them disabled and I only enable email notifications for when I am mentioned. I’ve just activated them, though, for the sake of testing.

I found a discourse hub iPhone app too … I’m writing this message using it.

Seems pretty lightweight and easy to reply and make new posts + the notification options makes it closer to chat and not so formal. Lets kill Slack and get on with it?

The discourse hub app just opens a webpage.
Webpage is OK on mobile but a bit dated, not sure if there are mobile themes or something that can be tweaked/installed.

By the way, may I ask you about that image/drawing, that double face…?

LOL The privileged few

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This is THE place to ask: why actualings instead of actualists? It’'s more linguistically amicable or amusing…? It’s just “for us” until the forum is “public”?