(Was Wiki) Happy How-to for the Secular Atheist



This did give me a gut laugh, thanks @Andrew.

Maybe some beginning considerations for other atheists.

  1. Do not misconstrue the experience of a PCE or the end goal of AF as something synonymous with spirituality or a belief system. Everything is experiential based.
  2. Acknowledge that atheism itself cannot bring an end to humanities ills because it does not provide a solution to the human condition.
  3. Be honest about your own identity of being an atheist and how this may make you treat or behave in a less than happy and harmless manner to other humans who do not identify as an atheist.
  4. If you don’t recall a PCE that is fine but think about the validity of setting the goal of being happy and harmless (as in felicitous and innocuous) as a worthwhile goal.
  5. An atheist can be irrational, malicious, stupid, cruel or any other type of deleterious behaviour already known within the human condition. We are not a special group magically exempt from the worse of the human condition.
  6. Many atheists realise the arbitrariness of belief, i.e. why believe in any other religion or believe in the spaghetti monster instead of a God etc, it may be harder for an atheist to acknowledge that there is arbitrariness to emotion too. That the emotions that guide our behaviour could easily be something different, hence we are more malleable than we consider. This is not to imply some morality on hedonism for example, but rather to see that the emotions behind hedonistic pursuits are leaving us at the whim of blind nature and will always be conditional and unable to provide an unconditional happiness.

Thanks for humouring me @son_of_bob

I am buying a laptop today, and am going to contribute to the new wiki. Do you mind if I use what you have written above?

Sure @Andrew no problem lol.