Wanting to be Understood and Capturing Moments

I really enjoyed having a chat with @Srinath last night. Busy dad, at the end of the day.

It was interesting to notice myself wanting to be understood. I think a lot of my feelings are around this particular desire. As if being finally understood, there will be peace. In a certain way, (cue insights into rosy rotten pearl parasites) this is probably true.

The other thing i notice is how i want to capture moments. There are moments which i don’t want for them to end.

I am posting this here, simply because they seem interesting topics.


In my ‘poet’ days I came to realize that that, ‘wanting to be understood,’ was the primary driver of my writing, and I came to see it as something that could never be satisfied… even when people did read, connect, and respond to what I wrote, it was never enough. I would downplay their response in some way.

Nowadays I see it as an inseparable part of the human condition… we always want to be seen… except, of course, when our dark side is showing itself :laughing:


What could be more human than wanting to be loved and understood?