Has anyone heard from Vineeto recently?
Claudiu wrote a couple of weeks ago re changing the link on the Actual Freedom Trust website - it still has not been changed. I wrote prior to that regarding the possibility of setting up some form of Trust and have not heard back.

@Alanji no Alan. Last we corresponded was nearly 2 years ago. Maybe give her a ring if you still have her number?

Did you ever hear from her @Alanji ?

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Missed your message on here - not used to discourse yet lol.
No, I haven’t heard from Vineeto.

Should I not order their books now?

Try ordering one and see if they send it your way :slight_smile: Then we’ll have our answer.

Did you order the books, Basey? Vineeto may have been having email problems, should be sorted now.

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The email has been sorted and back orders dispatched or refunded with apologies.