Video chat later today?

Anyone up for a video chat later on today? Maybe in 5 hours or so?

There’s a decent chance I’m around. Not sure if you have my whatsapp # but I’ll message it to you in. Text me as things develop :slight_smile:

i can do it

Ok nice, well I’m thinking around 10pm UK time if that works for you guys. So in about 2h 30min from now

10 pm UK might be cutting it a bit too late depending on the situation at home, but I’ll see if I can make it. Jitsi or WhatsApp?

Ok cool, I was thinking zoom but whichever one works best really.

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Won’t have to worry about platform preferences since I won’t make it. Have a good one :smiling_face:

Ok no worries, I am free now if anyone interested.

send it

Ok just setting up now :+1: