Very interesting PCE question

Richard “I remember the first time I experienced being the senses only during a PCE. There was no identity as ‘I’ thinking or ‘me’ feeling … simply this body ambling across a grassy field in the early-morning light. A million dew-drenched spider-webs danced a sparkling delight over the verdant vista and a question that had been running for some weeks became experientially answered: without the senses I would not know that I exist as this flesh and blood body. And further to this: I was the senses and the senses were me. With this came an awareness of being conscious – apperception – rather than ‘I’ being aware of ‘me’ being conscious.” Emphasis added.

That seems to me to be a very worthwhile question to run “for a few weeks”. :thinking:


It’s actually quite a good question for identifying ‘me’.

So far the resounding answer is “I feel I exist!”

Yet the question isn’t about whether ‘i’ exist. It’s whether the actual flesh and blood body exists to me without the senses.

Interesting. The other immediate image is of dreams. Yet if one takes out all the things from dreaming which are derived from the scenes, sights, sounds, texture etc…what is left of the dream?