Why does the universe exist?

Because that’s what we call it when things exist… and everything that exists is what the universe is

Non-existence is a concept that we invented

hmmm, I think I see what you are saying. I think you are saying that existence is all there is, that there is no non-existence. I am still wondering why is there existence. I guess that existence is a fact.

You can try reverse engineering it and it starts to make sense. For there must be existence in the first place in order to ask the question why. But if everything already exists for us to even ask the question then it’s an impossibility for the universe not to exist ~> hence the universe exists because it does :joy:

That’s quite significant to contemplate also, that it is actually impossible for the universe not to exist.


This is well said. You’re reply and @henryyyyyyyyyy 's reply has helped me to see the universe as a fact.