Unexplained experience

For years I’ve occasionally had this experience, usually when I’m idle and just at the end of a thought sequence with nothing particular in mind - I suddenly notice this (please excuse the wierdness) high pitch humming all around , I used to think it has to do with how I experience sound but it’s more all consuming/ all around than just what I hear. When I try to focus on it in order to isolate it, or “strengthen” it I can’t seem to affect it directly at all - as if it’s out of my world yet it’s so fascinating / attractive to me in a way I can’t explain… it reminded me of the thread from Claudio’s journal - pure intent without contact but I don’t want to fool myself into attributing it to pure intent or anything to do actualism .

Love to hear your comments

Humm I don’t mean to burst any bubble, but – perhaps it is Tinnitus?

I have Tinnitus myself – right now I’m experiencing a faint auditory high-pitch background ‘tone’. I wasn’t noticing it before reading your post but I’m noticing it now. My experience with it is that I only notice it at certain times but I think it is generally always there.

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Sorry for being vague :blush:It’s not coming from my ears , it has a certain ‘flavor’ and it’s all prevading , like coming from everywhere all at once

Hard to describe, like a vibrancy that I can’t pin point where it’s coming from but it’s not coming from ‘inside’ me, it’s out there

Pure intent isn’t experienced via the senses, so if it’s a sound you’re hearing then that sound itself is not pure intent.

About it not coming from your ears - how can you tell? The humming high-pitch of tinnitus doesn’t have any direction to it — I can’t point to somewhere and say “it’s coming from there” (like I could if someone was blowing a whistle) — but that’s because tinnitus is not caused by a sound source out in the world, which comes into the ears at different times, and which slight difference the brain automatically is able to use to locate the source of the sound; rather it’s caused by the ear follicles vibrating of their own accord, so there’s no external source of sound to localize.

After reading about tinnitus, I have to say it’s a possible explanation … I’ll have to pay attention some more to tell for sure

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