The wonderful universe

I thought it might be nice to use this place to share some of the wonderful workings of this universe we exist in :raised_hands:

I’ll start with this awesome thing I just saw on FB :


Also this :exploding_head: Incredible head stabilization by Falcon and stationary hovering. - YouTube


I was just thinking last night about all the things that seem like they should be impossible but they’re just happening

The identity can’t believe in the magnificence of what this universe is capable of. The imagination can’t reach that far

Like what if there was a snake with a spider tail to catch birds with. That doesn’t make any sense at all OH WAIT

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This is definitely NOT real it is IMPOSSIBLE

This is so cool, where was this teacher when I was at school! How incredible that all these mechanisms interact perfectly to create the world we see all around, and with no-one behind it all :exploding_head: this universe is so ridiculously complex in its workings.


AlphaGo - The Movie | Full award-winning documentary

AlphaGo - The Movie | Full award-winning documentary - YouTube

Again I see the message “This video is unavailable” instead of the preview, at least for me.

Maybe is just me and may be related to the availability/rights of the videos in different countries, but it’s weird because it happens if I activate a VPN changing the location of my computer.

It wouldn’t be a problem if only the preview didn’t work, but clicking on it leads just to

To watch it one must press the right button, choose “Copy video URL” and open it in another tab of the browser, but I duplicated the link (preceded by a space so that it does not show the preview) to facilitate the access to others who may have the same problem.

Yeah it’s giving me the same message

I suspect there’s an option on youtube for creators to prevent embedding video

Well… if it’s not just me, that’s another possible reason, yes.

This seems to work. The difference is I cut the
&list=WL from the end of the address.
@henryyyyyyyyyy could it possibly be in some playlist of yours that’s not public?

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Oh yes that’s probably what it is! Nice catch

@Sonyaxx Just sent me this haha, very wonderful but mostly funny :laughing:

Haha, here’s an even more hilarious one:

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During my vegan days I would’ve used these to guilt people into not eating chicken…“Just how could you want to be so cruel to this marvelous life form?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s also marvelous how tasty they are! :yum:

Это хорошо

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