The Watercooler Chat Thread

If you just want to post something without worrying about what to categorize it, or just wanna say hi or what’s on your mind, stick it in here!


:smiley: It was a proof of concept that we can write here quickly and with impunity whatever we like

This is a really good idea. We can always break out topics from this thread when/if needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m loving this chat thread. Somehow oo was added to the end of my name. I don’t know whether to leave it or try to figure out how to remove it. What do you think?


It’s fine as it is, I’d say. But it’s easy enough to change, if you wish. If you are on mobile:

Start from the homepage.

Tap your profile image on the upper right hand corner of your screen.

From there, find and tap the little gray faceless bald man that appeared at the upper right hand corner. Another menu drops down.

Locate Preferences about halfway down the menu. From there, you will see where you can edit your username by pressing the ‘pencil’ icon.

If you are on Desktop, I can’t say for sure but it would probably be a very similar operation. Click on profile image, locate preferences menu, etc.

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@rick Thanks for the info, I am undecided now so will wait.


Jamesjjoo has a good ring to it, I’d leave it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m feeling good and enjoying and appreciating. Seems like the thing to do is to keep doing that instead of trying to become free.

The chat thread seems to have gone dead. It doesn’t seem very accessible, I had to hunt for it. Could that be the reason?

When entering The Watercooler, this topic is supposed to appear first because it is pinned.
However, those who designed Discourse applied a different concept of pinned: that once the user reaches the bottom (i.e., when he “read” all the posts) the topic is automatically unpinned for that user (i.e., “pinned” was implemented in Discourse as “stay at the top until the user read all its posts”).

I changed two options in the preferences so that from now on the pinned topics remain first in their categories (but each user can unpin them with the wrench).

But to check it out, now you should re-pin it for you, here:


(see that, for me, it is Unpinned)

So, next time a member posts in, let’s say, “The perpetual music thread”, the Chat Thread should remain on top for you. Let me know if it was the case.

I like this chat thread because I want to say something but don’t know what to say. I think this is my need to talk which I have talked about before.

I really don’t know why I have not become af. I can think of a few possible reasons but I really don’t know.

@jamesjjoo The question is not why you haven’t become actually free yet, or if you ever will. The question is why you’re not becoming actually free now.
Right now.
Considering actual freedom as something that could have occurred in the past, or might occur in the future, is nothing but ‘you’ escaping from the possibility of it happening now (the only moment it can ever happen).

@geoffrey Excellent point geoffrey and I totally agree. I am looking at right now and it seems like fear is present. Still looking.

Yes that is really helpful @geoffrey, I can see that my normal way of thinking about becoming actually free is a goal which exists in the future which I am currently working towards. Looking at it this way might be necessary at the beginning of the journey to give one some sort of basic orientation.

However if it is to stay this way then Actual freedom will forever remain in the future, it will forever be a concept.

For it to become an actuality it can only ever happen now, the more time spent looking at it as a future goal the more I am perpetuating myself through ‘my’ quest.

I have been thinking alot about your other post about ‘keeping the door open’, this seems to encompass what we are talking about, that it can only ever happen now.


@geoffrey What you said has helped me to focus on right now because that is the only time it will happen is in this moment of being alive.


I am here right now. The purity of the actual world is here right now. It is not in another place or time.

I don’t want it like a drowning man wants air. Why?