The old Zulip archive has been made available

Hello all,

I’ve been in contact w/ @srid and he’s agreed to restore the old Zulip archive as a read-only archive. He continues to be the Owner of it, while I’m an Administrator so I can manage any technical issues that may arise.

It’s now available here:

The purpose of this is so the Zulip users at the time can get access to their old messages and save anything they want to save / retrieve an archive for personal use. This is under the strict conditions that the chats are never to be made publicly available, i.e. indexable by search engines or viewable by people who didn’t already have a Zulip login!

I’d suggest archiving anything of interest sooner rather than later, as the plan may be to deactivate it again or delete it fully after a certain period of time, once some full archival copies have been made.