The OG categories topic

I’m experimenting a lot w/ the categories, as i think a lot of us might be let’s discuss here if we have any conflicting ideas :smiley:

At this moment i like how Categories - Discuss & Discover this site does it, trying to arrange things thataway…

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I like what you’ve done!

:smiley: hokay I think i have settled on this for now…

Since you’ve added more categories, I’m now wondering if its too many categories. Given our membership being so small it may make parts of the forum feel empty. I think it would be good to keep things simple: General, Beginners and Watercooler. Reports/Diaries as well as Objections can just be threads or sub-categories under General maybe.

But… happy to stick with this and adjust as we go along

The categories as they are now is perfect I think. Not too many not too few.

hmm so thinking about it more, and from what @Miguel said (Technical feedback - #19 by Miguel), maybe it is better to just have a “Discussion” category (i don’t like ‘general’ for some reason, feels too… general :smiley: )

and then instead of subcateories we have tags for everything

that way can dynamically add/remove tags … @Miguel you seem to have more xp with this type of forum , thoughts ?

I didn’t notice it before (thought it was tags), but sub-categories might be a bit too much atm?

Agreed. I didn’t notice that General calls for whatever comes ti mind (a varieté). Discussion is better, I think.

That’s right. Tags tend to be the way to go. Let’s see if this convert into a tag


i removed the categories and made tags, and tried to make at least 1 tag required, but no luck, any ideas?

also thoughts??

hmm it’s a tricky one. I do think tags are better, easier to add new tags as we go and easier to tag posts on the fly. So if something turns into a discussion on ‘love’ it can have that tag added. Moderators can help add appropriate tags. It will then be easy for someone to filter only on discussion on ‘love’.

It can be harder to fit a discussion into just one category. Also more intrusive to move topics around to try and clean up.

Can everyone add tags now? To other users posts? That might be a good start.

Can we remove sub-categories from watercooler also? Can just use tags here also, although it will probably be more loose, like ‘alien’.

ok done –

maybe cause i’m an admin i can make a topic without a tag in discussion? can someone else try?

not sure if everyone can add tags… need testers :smiley:

what about renaming “Discussion” to “Actual Freedom”? Since the other categories are named after what is talked about.
and do we need “Lounge”?

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I renamed it to actualism :slight_smile:

Page looks much simpler now. Now to see how it’ll work out with tags …


So, it’s clear now that nobody can create tags “the Twitter way” as I tried with #main_name.

And this guide is clear about who, when and where can create them: it’s not a property of every message, but of the topic:

Creating and applying tags

Tags are created upon first usage. When composing or editing a topic, a user with tag creation and/or application privileges will see a tag chooser next to the category chooser.

A comprehensive guide to Discourse tags - faq - Discourse Meta

I think that the site is looking better now with fewer categories and with tags.

I agree with @solvann in that it’s better to create tags on the fly by moderators/admins as they see fit. And that

It can be harder to fit a discussion into just one category. Also more intrusive to move topics around to try and clean up.

Indeed, as I had suggested in another post, too many pre-made categories force new users to make dubious decisions and force moderators/admins to move posts to the appropriate places, etc.

This does not mean that we should stay with only ONE mega-category “Actualism”, but tags will give more flexibility and information to create new categories later on, based on user usage and the most frequent themes/topics.