The next get-together

I’m going to join the crew of “I have no idea what’s propelling me to do this” but here we go.

Alan made good preparations for the Nov 13th meetup so I figured I’d just piggyback on his data and suggest Sat 27th of Nov at 21 GMT. I’d prefer not to be the host but I can help set up, pay and take care of things in the background. @Miguel, do you want to get this going again? Is anyone else up for a retry? @Srinath, what’s your calendar like?

We can schedule it for later if this is too soon, but again, I’d like to get this going. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good idea. I’m in.
I won’t be able to be the host because that weekend I will be traveling to a place where I don’t know what connectivity I will have, what exactly I will be doing at that time, etc. (so there is a chance that I won’t be able to attend the meeting at all; but I don’t think so).

I will give it a go, that is, try and make it out of bed at 6am!:blush:

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I’m down!

@emp Sat morning not a great time for me unfortunately. Weekends later in the day or week day nights tend to be better

I’ve been considering and reconsidering a bit and since Srinath can’t make it I think we might need to reschedule. My schedule has also been turned on its head unexpectedly due to a crisis at work so my weekend is not looking good.

I’ll change the topic and perhaps we can discuss the date and times a bit more.

Maybe next weekend? As Vineeto noted - we have all the time in the world!

Thank you for keeping things moving on this. When it gets closer, I may be able to host if you aren’t able to.

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Yeah I’m going to have trouble this weekend too.