The big ol' styling thread

who took off the sticky top bar? I liked it personally, so i can always click to go to home page…

also i think the styling was better before, now it is too white ?? [EDIT: Ignore this comment if it’s a work in progress :smiley: ]

there was also a default style of green & rose colors, i wonder if it’d work, reminds me of peter & vineeto’s part of their site …

That would be me. I used a user made component that was supposed to accommodate larger logo’s but it didn’t really work. I’ve deleted it now

Here I am, too. Trying to post a short message, I get the “Post must be at least 20 characters” message. Can it be changed?

i got da logo to work :slight_smile:

yes done :smiley: but i made first post require 100 characters…

Oh, ok

I’ve created a new color scheme for based on Light and Dark now, just to have a sensible base. Plan to change the light color to more yellowish and rose, red. and from there create a dark version that reflect those colors.

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I’m happy with the light color palette now I think. I went for Hibiscus Red, Azure Planet Blue and Pure Intent Yellow.

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I was logged out in this new instance and the layout was completely different to when I was logged in. It’s either a cache issue or does Discourse actually have a login status dependent layout?

Ping @solvann

You can change colors in user preferences. Light or dark. On mobile it seems to match the dark mode if you are not logged in and have that enabled on your device.

That much I know. It was just interesting that the theme was different when not logged in. It didn’t map to any of the ones I have access to now that I’m logged in.

Yea love this layout and style, looks great )

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Not sure I understand but there are only two options to choose from now: light and dark. That way we can make sure we all see things the same.

Hi, @solvann. Could you add a little more contrast between colors of these elements? (I didn’t want to touch myself not to do it). Perhaps the beige background is too dark? I don’t know.
Here some images:

Here “solvann” and “Reply”:

Here the “elevator” can hardly be seen:

Here the contrast between text and background seem good enough:

But not here:

On more:

Better now? I accidentally updated the “light” colors when tweaking “dark” colors.

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Definitely better.