Tasklist of things to do before we move from Slack

  1. Fix logo and style so UI is better
  2. Assign moderators and decide on a short set of moderator rules
  3. Make final categories

Anything else?


We need to get a backup solution in place, and I’ll keep harping about security. Rails is marginally better than PHP.

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There is automatic backups it seems like although I think @claudiu will have to automate something server-side to move it to another location. There is also option for admins to download a backup manually which is nice, can probably have public backup available at some time as well like AFT does. A good way to guard against a total meltdown.

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I think categories is the most important to straighten out before moving from Slack. It will get messy quick if they change often.

Configure automatic backups for Discourse - sysadmin - Discourse Meta looks like it has this built-in, we can make a public S3 bucket even


Reckon we could use the GitHub org for this @claudiu?

Also, why is there a @Claudiu2? Alien clone?

Rule #1: We do not talk about @Claudiu2

@Claudiu2 does not exist. And he is definitely not an alien. The mothership er home base I mean uhm the central authority uhh… I have heard from a good source, that there is no Claudiu2. There is no need to be alarmed.

Yea let’s doit :slight_smile:

You mean he doesn’t actually exist :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Not quite as good emoji’s (well done Miguel) but better than nothing :clap:

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Yes we need those top drawer emoji’s! @Miguel get to work :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Alanji, @solvann: now we have available at least the emojis that were most used in Slack :+1:

Already wrote about this on Slack this morn but probably fits in well here. Was just bringing up the archive and seeing if you’d had any success @emp, and if not could we look at a very basic viewer similar to what @Miguel showed us?

Can we have a thumbs up please, Miguel


Yes thumbs up is needed !

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@Alanji , @claudiu: Added!