Reading and writing in @jamesjjoo ’s thread recently I thought I’d make a topic where we can all add to of our thoughts of spiraling around the self-immolation “drain”.

Earlier I asked myself “what is it really about?” It meaning life , actualism - why am I really interested in it? I didn’t have an immediate answer and I looked for an intellectual one, not a thought out one.

Nothing came to mind right away but a little later I experienced that the actual world is actually there, like it actually exists. And it was obvious that that is the “why” - because it’s there essentially, lol. Not only that but it’s intrinsically perfect/desirable/benevolent/insert adjective here. It’s like the way existence is “set up”, it has to be the way it is - could not be any other way. Because there is existence, therefore it is like this.

That sort of flips the question for me into more an observation of “why keep resisting? it’s obviously silly NOT to do it”, all without a thought-out/intellectual answer having been arrived at lol. So I suppose that is the answer!

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