Slack? Is that still being used?

I got this email saying 481 DMs were sent last week on the actualism slack. Are people still using it? Or is that slackbot talking to itself?

I deleted the app ages ago.

People use it to chat.
As ‘owner’ I’ve been receiving updates every week of how many DMs people have been sending one another on Slack. :sweat_smile:

@geoffrey Oh, no worries. I thought as much. It would have been funnier if it was all slackbot messages though.

The first actually free A.I. comes on line because we just left it running!

Actually free slackbot takes over the web, shuts down all the shit, directly messages everyone in the world with a customised plan on becoming free ( based on all the personal data it has access to).

Oh that’s good to know! I thought it was totally unused.

Same here.

Pretty sure I would have written about 450 of them DM’s :joy: I use DM’s to myself as a way of keeping notes so for investigation etc. Happy to use a different app for notes if it’s an issue?

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Haha, I don’t think anyone cares, it’s free. So it’s not the slackbot AI becoming free by talking to itself, but @Kub933

Rock on!