Site Transfer Complete

:warning::warning: We are in the process of transferring the server! Any posts made between now and when the transfer is complete may likely be lost in the nether. We expect to be back by 11:30 UTC on this day (August 27th). :warning::warning:

[This is the new server.]

Whoever is seeing these messages means they are on the new server! So it’s safe to post here again…



Thanks @claudiu :grin:

I resized the droplet to 2x the RAM and CPU, it seemed to be taking a bit too long to load the page initially, and was at the resource limits.

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Oh, so surely that’s why I was noticing it was comparatively a little slower to load the admin pages, the emoji popup, etc.

Noticed it. Still, the gems I find are worth the wait.:rainbow: Still thrilled to have an actual forum.

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Yea it’s strange cause the new server had the same specs as the old, so not sure why it slowed down… in any case it seems better now that I upgraded it


Thanks for your service.:vulcan_salute:

Not sure how Discourse does its indexing but it could be reindexing slowing it down. It’ll be interesting to see if the load goes down eventually.

Just wild guessing here. I like performance issues as long as they don’t bring things to a halt :relaxed:

Anyway, I think that 2x to obtain the same performance is enough to ask DO about the possible causes of the differences (which may be due to reasons similar to this ones Slow rebuild on a cloud server? - #5 by pfaffman - support - Discourse Meta, or others that could be addressed)

Funny enough I was going to say I was having issues predominantly on the android app version.

Yes, this is what I was wondering or that I had missed a configuration or setting. But I never had performance issues on using the browser on my Windows device just on the Android which is weird too.

Thanks for sorting out though.

Yeah, android here as well. But it loads, just takes 10- 20 seconds maybe.

Not a big deal at all. I am sure there is good reason for the change.

I would crawl over broken glass for this forum, so it’s gonna have to be a lot worse before this ‘self’ gets any feeling of entitlement to speed.:rofl: