Simple Actualism diagram


Another diagram of the method ~~

More graphical than detailed, similar to something Peter did awhile back


:smile: awesome - totally different interpretation and approach , but impactful in a different way


I’m going to keep brainstorming different ways to visually communicate it, it’s pretty fun and makes me really think about the nuts & bolts of the method, humanity, and the actual world!



Actualism: The Comic! :cowboy_hat_face:


Waaaaay cool :heart_eyes:

I really like this! :hugs:

@milito.paz @Sonyaxx thanks, guys! I’m having a lot of fun figuring out different ways to communicate the method.

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VERY nice!

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That’s great :slight_smile: I know personally that my brain understands and responds to pictures and drawings better so it’s nice to have a variety!


I just had a proper look at the comic, that is so awesome!

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Still working on this one

The whole ‘bar’ is ‘me,’ but I’m thinner towards the bottom

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How to become free:


“ A salient , also known as a bulge , is a battlefield feature that projects into enemy territory. The salient is surrounded by the enemy on multiple sides, making the troops occupying the salient vulnerable. A deep salient is vulnerable to being “pinched off” through the base, and this will result in a pocket in which the forces in the salient become isolated and without a supply line.



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Hi @henryyyyyyyyyy,

These are really interesting. Thanks for sharing these.

As regards Actualism: The Comic, I would say there as alternative storyline where an individual such as myself never could recollect having had a PCE when starting out using the method. Such an individual has to make do with at least being sincere about being happy and harmless and acknowledging this is the only moment we are alive.

This page of the AF site always comes to mind at the beginning of my journey, see dialogue below.

RESPONDENT: Hello, I’m new to this list. I need help remembering a PCE.

RICHARD: Welcome to The Actual Freedom Trust mailing list … one of the reasons why a pure consciousness experience (PCE) is not readily recalled is because, whilst it is occurring, both ‘me’ and ‘my’ affective memory-banks are in abeyance.
Another reason is, of course, that recalling same could mean the beginning of the end of ‘me’.

RESPONDENT: Richard wrote that he’s helped many people recall at least one PCE?

RICHARD: That was some years ago … and only in face-to-face interactions.

RESPONDENT: How did he induce this recall?

RICHARD: Basically, by dogged persistence: with one person (a published spiritualist) it took three hours of intense discussion … only to have it disremembered shortly after.

RESPONDENT: Upon taking on the AF method a couple of weeks ago I thought I had a PCE under my belt. The truth is I relied on my experience(s) on Salvia Divinorum. Now I’m afraid that Salvia gave me several ASC.

RICHARD: Having never heard of that substance before I spent an hour or so reading some accounts of it … as it is generally described as having a ‘visionary’ effect that would seem to be par for the course.

RESPONDENT: Richard stated that ASC can be what gets in the way of remembering a proper PCE.

RICHARD: Yes, an altered state of consciousness (ASC) includes, of necessity, a role for both ‘me’ and ‘my’ affective faculty.

RESPONDENT: I’m afraid that my intent is not pure enough.

RICHARD: If one cannot immediately recall a PCE one starts from where one is at … and sincerity is the key to unlocking naiveté (the nearest a ‘self’ can come to innocence).

RESPONDENT: All over the AF pages there is a strong emphasis on having a PCE as a guiding light. I certainly understand why this is so, I do.

RICHARD: That the peerless purity of this actual world – the world of the senses – could possibly exist as an everyday actuality is inconceivable/ unimaginable and incomprehensible/ unbelievable to denizens of the real world (the world of the psyche).

I thought it would be good to have an alternative starting point because any people who don’t recollect a PCE might use it as an excuse not to learn more about AF.



Made this while I was working out some interactions around a hangup

To be clear, the entire diagram is ‘Me’

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