Should we make diaries a separate category?

I was looking at the mix and realized that this (diary topics) might actually be something that’s worthwhile separating from the Actualism topic. They seem to fit a different mental “mode”/modal than straight up actualism discussion What do the rest of you think?


Yeah I would agree, I think it makes sense to have a category for diary entries as a separate thing.

We can do it like this – right now ‘diary’ on actualism covers both long-form and one-off entries

we can make Diaries - or actually Journals – be a category specifically for the long-form constant entry things


^ Journals seems the more appropriate one, as it’s for the purpose of exploring actualism , not just writing what is happening ( that wouldn’t be so interesting on this forum I believe )

and then we leave ‘experience-report’ as the one-off ones for people seeking discussion about it in particular

i can see there might be some cross-over with people wanting to discuss an experience they reported in their journal… but we can see how it goes

I’ve gone ahead and moved it, what do y’all thinK?