Role of play in development of identity

Super interesting podcast I have been listening to - Parkour and Rough Play: Combatting the Over-Feminization of the West | Rafe Kelley | EP 343 - YouTube.

I find it very relatable because both things they are discussing (Rough Play and Parkour) I have been involved with in my life. There are so many interesting things that have popped up here, too many to write down haha. The main theme which I find fascinating is using play in order to explore the environment and thus form a healthy identity. Play is something that allows an experiential understanding of oneself and the world around - this seems the crux of it.

It is actually really fascinating to contemplate these things as an actualist because they are talking about the proper development of identity and we are talking about the elimination of identity.

But it seems to me that the healthy development of identity is extremely important, even if the individual later on decides to immolate it haha. The child/teenager has to somehow coalesce into something that is somewhat functional/safe first.

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