Richard's Examen of Brandon's Essay on the Invention of "Heterosexuality"

What’s your take on this? Any thoughts, questions, or comments?

I tried and gave up, honestly I couldn’t fully understand what I was reading even with all the definitions on page and google at hand.


Fantabulously written and cogently demonstrated. I can’t think of any way the point could have been gotten across other than the way in which it was.

Not a light read! Took me several days.

It was terrific fun and a delight parsing the more intricate sections. Richard identified well the shoddiness (if not deliberate disinformation) inherent to these sorts of propaganda pieces designed to slip past the b.s. detectors of credulous readers and earnest editors.

I have a vague intention of posting, at some point, a summary of each of his 49 editorial notes, which I may inject here and there with some comments relating to his analysis of the original article and the turn-of-the-century primary sources he referenced. There were a few points in the examen – some minor, some not so minor – where my analyses and evaluations delivered me to (sometimes vastly) different conclusions, so fleshing those out here for others’ consideration or critical feedback may be something interesting to do.